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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storm Watch 6-30-10B: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Roses by Jim Yackel

While we are not entirely sure why we are in this tunnel, none the less we are in it. While we can see the light at the end of it, it doesn't necessarily indicate that there is a brighter day waiting. Instead, our emergence from this tunnel will be into the teeth of the Storm.

Jesus never said life would be sunshine, lollipops, and roses. But, we do know that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from His love.

We will emerge from here stronger than how we entered, and yet we will appear in a more hostile place. We will surface into gale-force winds which will make us desire to run back into the tunnel-but we cannot! To this we have been called and the Storm will batter us but it will not defeat us.

The furious anger of the Riders on the Storm will be aroused. In that, they will not be satisfied with anything less than our mitigation if not complete annihilation. We will not cede to their mandates or Marshall Law. We will refuse to worship at their corrupted altars. And when they come to take our bibles, we will clutch God's word even unto death.

They will attempt to rob us of our spirit and destroy our will but our will is God's will - so let them cut our cable wires and unplug our lights. Let them block our roads and jam our telecommunications. They can crush our bones but they cannot crush our spirit. While it is dark and dank in the tunnel, we will find strength in gathering numbers as the Storm Troopers convene and converge.

Dear Lord, as we step up out of the tunnel, we may see bright light but not the bright of day. Kingdoms and nations may rise against each other while power brokers play their nefarious games of dominance and control.

We need Your power and Your strength more today than yesterday. Surround us, Oh Lord, with your love and Your glistening Holy Spirit as we are but Your servants who have been called to undertake a task beyond the full scope of our understanding.

Help us to lead the lost and to encourage the found. We can't do this without You, as we cannot do anything good without You. We are dead men and women without You. Give us the life to see this journey and this task through the growing violent Storm to its conclusion. In that, we await the sound of the trumpet as we say 'even so come quickly Lord Jesus'.

In Your glorious name we pray, Amen.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Storm Watch 6-29-10B: Trepidation's Trap by Jim Yackel

We must not be given over to a spirit of fear - no, not now! Still, we are fearful of spending our money and that lack of confidence is as obvious as the centipede that runs and writhes up the living room wall. But, what will our money be worth when we are not permitted to drive to retailers? What will our money be worth when the secure shopping carts on our favorite websites are left to rust; buried under snow in the colossal, empty, multi-million acre cyber parking lot?

The squeeze is on as the barometric pressure continues to drop. Chests are tight as breathing is hampered by the heat and humidity that will be broken by the snow that even now is falling - in contradiction to the summer-like temperatures. But this is what the puppet masters and manipulators desire: fear and fatigue that they can use against us. Confusion breeds chaos and this is why they poke and prod; so that an eruption may ensue. When the streets become filled with uproarious citizens who are angrily slipping on the thin black ice that coats the sidewalks, they can then entrap with Martial Law while also forcing a cyber shut-down.

Please do not fall into trepidation's trap, as this is where the Puppet Masters and the Riders on the Storm want us - paralyzed with fear and unable to fight back. They don't want us voting in November and may drop a false flag into the raging wind to cancel the vote and place cobwebs into the booths. The P-Masters fear the marionette strings being cut, and yet it is they that may decide to sever the connection. Evil must operate on its own terms and that is what makes evil what it is.

Black gold and dead printed presidents will become highly exulted demi-gods in their sudden rareness. Like golden calves they will be lifted up and worshiped as 2010 sputters and drops into the maelstrom, highly sought-after while decreasing in value in a bizarro paradox where nothing will ever be again as it once seemed. This is where many will sellout to fear and begin a lethal mutiny against the very marionette that they elected. Many will run with scissors and attempt to cut the strings while bogged down in heavy wet snow.

Please, let level heads prevail in the coming weeks and seek the good and sound guidance of our beautiful, loving Jesus.

Heavenly Father,

As fear is increasingly used as a chain to bind and a fuel to inflame, we pray for calm and sensibility to prevail as the Storm increases its multi-dimensional and dynamic surge. We pray that your people will stand tall in faith as the winds howl and the oil spills, and desperation and anger spread like a cancer throughout this nation and in the world. As coming war will rage, we pray for your mighty hand to be on the apple of your eye, Israel. Protect her and love her, Lord - as we ask you to protect and love your church as it will be called upon to right itself by truly following your word and serve during this time of rapidly approaching distress.

In the name of Jesus I pray - amen.

Storm Watch 6-29-10: Eleven Is Nearly Zero by Jim Yackel

In these days of increasing yet unseen meteorological activity, the Terra under our feet may seem more like cellophane than Firma. This writer has made mention of "loss" being inscribed on the foreheads of some - and this loss will be everything. Your humble scribe has concern that many are going to be utterly blown away.

Those who have minds but think not; those who have eyes to see and ears to hear but know not - these are the ones who will be devastated when the Storm's winds reach their full intensity. But, in the defense of these I will admit that a veil has been pulled over the truth and that information is being withheld in an effort to keep the citizenry passive, calm, and at bay; but will they not be utterly blown away?

The Wizards of Informational Negation and Denial use overload to confuse and obfuscate. They over-promote the less significant to blot out that which is most important. These agents bend, twist, and manipulate the media to keep the undiscerning eye from seeing the truth. We with discernment who seek accurate news and information are forced to dig through a morass of flickering images, repetitive soundbites, and opinionated pablum in order to gain the small bits of viable truth-lite from which we can formulate reasonably accurate weather forecasts.

How many know the importance of Israel in God's eyes? The answer is far too few. How many Gulf Coast residents are truly being informed of what is blowing off of the water on an increasing wind? The answer is far too few, because information is being repressed in pretty paper packages. Do they know that there are plans to evacuate them against their wishes? Some may know, but that information is being allowed to blow away on the gathering breeze; fluttering and floating like an empty plastic grocery bag until is caught on a willow branch.

Indeed, there is so much media and yet so little information. We stand on the precipice of devastating war involving the apple of God's eye, the nation that was chosen to be her most solid ally but has instead turned away from her, and the former Persia. Instead, we are force-fed Kagan and Obama and mind-numbing blah, blah, blah. The manipulators of the wind are causing so many to be blown away - but those who tumble like the empty plastic grocery bag on the Storm wind must also accept culpability.

The snow is falling but most don't see it as they possess natural eyes. The summers and autumns of years past will be the memories that many will cling to as this new season that is coming upon us will bring confusion, isolation, desolation, and misinformation. There are two winds: that which is weather phenomena and the other which is generated through the hands of intelligent men who willingly accept orders from the prince of darkness; these are men who have minds for so much good but instead pursue the glamorous calling of evil. These two winds are intensifying and so many will be blown away in the coming weeks. It pains me that so many are unaware.

Oh Lord - we ask you please to begin this day to release the information and truth that is being hidden behind an oily black veil by men who have taken advantage of a culture of short attention spans that has been dumbed-down by fast flickering images and abrasive soundbites. Please Lord, restore the senses of these who have been blinded and deafened. Please soften the hardened hearts who seek instant pleasure and phony, throwaway love. Please prepare their eyes for the truth of what has moved from the horizon to overhead. Please let them see the purple-black clouds laden with moisture and show them how to prepare and defend. So many lies, Lord, please let them see the truth as 11 is nearly Zero.

Jesus, guide us Storm Troopers and protect us. We are merely mortal and could die from bullets and flame. While we are brave, we are utterly perishable. While we are growing in numbers I feel so alone. The strength and guidance of your Holy Spirit we seek today and every day going forward as the Storm builds and breaks.

In your precious name I pray - amen.

Prophecy: Watchman! Do you watch? - at 1 July 2009

"Therefore ,Watch and pray always ,so that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass. so that you may stand in the front of the Son of Man"...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Storm Watch 6-28-10B: Dollar Bill the Dead Duck by Jim Yackel

Anxiety, fear, and uncertainty: you've been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt. Perhaps you are experiencing these very things right now as you feel the Low Pressure system hovering over your home, while you look out the window to see the snow intensifying with larger, wetter flakes. You want to run between the snowflakes and escape, but doing that would only result in getting pelted and welted by the freezing rain that accompanies the Storm-driven snow.

These are fretful and fearful days for so many. Money has become tighter as the dead presidents become more dead. It seems that our old friend Dollar Bill may in fact be a dead duck. The banks who now harass so many by telephone and letter - seeking past-due payments- will soon be past tense. Some of those who hold positions of authority in these financial institutions will soon be placing the barrels of handguns into their mouths in order to relieve the misery of watching the dead presidents die a second death. But the one president who is alive for now strives to own these banks because his puppet masters told him that this was his heart's desire. He cannot think, speak, or even pass gas without the approval of his masters.

In our Personal lives many of us are struggling. As the low pressure bears down, our backpacks become heavier and our relationships become strained. When one's love turns stone-cold, that knife-edged icicle can tear open the heart of the other whose love remains warm. A deceived and broken heart pains for healing as the tortured soul cries out for love that it can trust.

When one is physically and mentally abused by the other who should have freely given love, recovery may never come to that one. There is pain that is indescribably profound and aches beyond the physical wounds and the insults that destroy self-esteem and confidence. When children are made suffer in this way, it is a crime equal to murder.

No one should face this Storm alone. The evil one uses loneliness as a tool to cripple, and while economies crumble and uncapped oil contaminates the Gulf, strife will increase many fold and the effects of loneliness will be unmitigated and graven on hearts that have been cast aside. In these coming months as terror and war prepare to unleash their unrighteous and furious anger, the effects of loneliness will be exacerbated on those who live alone. And when the lights won't turn on and the computers cease to boot-up, despair will drive and inspire loneliness and the results on the stricken may be devastating.

These are not ways that our loving God would choose us to live, even when living conditions deteriorate as the effects of the Storm become far-reaching in their oppression. Through the pain that is beginning today and for many will be fomented by events and occurrences in the Spiritual and the Natural, there is one great hope. For those who are trapped, there is a locksmith who can disable the lock and set them free. He is the healer of broken hearts and the feeder of the hungry. No matter how the Storm rages as the summer that isn't gasps its way into an occluded autumn, there is a bright, morning star that will lead the Storm Troopers and the downtrodden alike, and I want to assure you that He is alive today at the Father's right hand.

Because of Him, there will continue to be the hope of the morning. Because of Him, the teeth of the wolf will not penetrate our sinful flesh. Because of Him whose stripes heal us, our wounds will be closed and because of His blood our bleeding will be stanched. And in our loneliest days is He not the companion who will make the long hours seem as mere seconds?

Heavenly Father,

You have moved my spirit and in that I will say that days of pain are nigh upon us as the Storm is gathering strength. The liars have perfected their lies and the scales have been planted on far too many eyes. But Father, through whatever calamity that may befall us as a nation or as individuals, you have given your Son as an atoning sacrifice and as the Bright, Morning Star. Our redemption draws near and His strength will fall on us as gentle rain while the blinding snow limits our visibility. And no matter how blinding the snow is on the Great and Gathering Storm, we will see the Bright, Morning Star and He will guide our way through the night that will last many days. He is our light, our healer, our redeemer and our greatest friend in our most needful times - as we are all to an individual just needy children.

And please Father, help me now. You have given me a ministry and a gift that I'm still learning how to use as a productive tool for you. I need your guidance because I can't do this without you. I ask for your blessings in the financial realm as well as physically; that I will have the strength to walk the many, many miles that will be set before me on the Towpath. There are two who are coming to walk with me, and I ask you that you keep them safe and comfortable on their long journey. There is a child that is being pulled away in the Storm, and I ask that you draw her closer to you in the primary, and bring her back toward me in the secondary. Please Father, do not let her get blown away in the Storm.

Finally my Lord, please reveal yourself in new ways to all of those who are reading this and please meet them at their places of need - each and every one. Be with the broken and the blessed, the downtrodden and the uplifted, and please Lord - protect and prepare the Storm Troopers for the tasks that they will be presented with.

Because of you, Jesus, all is possible if it is your will, even in the worst of the Storm.

In your precious name I pray - amen.

Storm Watch 6-28-10: Peace In the Valley

By Jim Yackel

Incrementally more so today than yesterday is the summer snow and sleet falling - no longer swirling - through the season that isn't. Today there is a little less jingle in the coffee can kitty; a large handful snatched by the demi-demons with dollar-signed eyes. Today a bill goes past-due which only serves to inflame the worm-ridden and cancer-stained hearts of those demi-demons. They would kill you for what is theirs if they could.

The mockers and scoffers - some amongst our own brethren - see the oil but not the chemical rain. The mockers and scoffers see Israel on a map but she is not mapped onto their hearts. They hear that Hamas and Hezbollah are enemies of Israel, but do not acknowledge that these dead men walking with Satan-laced souls do so outside of their American front porches. These mockers and scoffers consider the Storm Troopers as misguided cultists on a fool's errand. If we were given over to unforgiving in our hearts, it would be the mockers and scoffers that we would mock and scoff. But the truth of the matter is that they are fearful and choose to think not and know not because that does not require stepping out of the shrinking comfort zone whose walls are quickly being consumed by a most fearsome species of termites.

While the oil spills into the Gulf, black gold will soon cease flowing through the Straight. Water-logged oil will not heat homes or become refined into gasoline. Oil loaded on blockaded ships will likewise not see refinement. It is this day that calls us to pray for the Holy Spirit's refinement of our souls.

Pure, unadulterated evil sits on America's throne. And this evil boy-king who is but a marionette will continue to saw at the remaining two legs of the American dinner table. When she is on her last leg, America will fall sideways as autumn's red, yellow, and brown leaves swirl with the snow and sleet on the howling wind. She will have been victimized by a usurping dummy with an arrogant smirk painted amateurishly onto his face. His job is to topple America, but his employers may be pleased with his work but not his ambition. I see bullets shot from unlikely sidearms and blood in the Storm as it rages toward a Thanksgiving where many will be thankful just to be alive.

But as the Storm rages and the table falls, there will be peace in the valley. As the paper that pictures of dead presidents are printed on becomes of little to no value, there will be riches stored in Heaven for those who persevere with faith. While markets crash as footballs are passed before empty seats, there will be calm for those who can seek and settle into the eye of the Storm. As this writer prays to fully understand the significance of all the many 3:11, 5:11, 7:11, 11:11, and 12:11 times that he sees on his digital clocks; there will be peace in the valley. Yes, there will be peace in the valley one day, Oh Lord I pray.

These are times in which we must cling to the robe of our Savior. Today is not what it seems, and July will be controlled by the men behind the curtain. The wind and snow are growing increasingly fierce, so we must cling to His robe to keep from being blown into the wind; flip-flopping on the roadside gravel like an empty Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup.

Lord Jesus, we cling to your robe to keep from being swallowed into the quasar. We cling to your robe so as to not fall into the abyss as the American table topples, making way for the growing new world order to grab yet another lever of this dynamic and mysterious Storm. Jesus, we know that through you, there will be peace in the valley as one day we will be free. In your precious name we pray, amen.

2012: The Coming Perfect Storm

By Jack Kinsella

The September 12, 2005 Omega Letter discussed the unusual eruption of seven separate solar flares during the midpoint of the current Solar Cycle 23's minimum cycle. We noted then that;
"By the midpoint of 2000, the number of solar events peaked about 400% above normal. . . . What is particularly fascinating is what is emerging as a pattern of unusual solar activity, dating to about 1948, as noted by the American Institute of Physics in its bulletin number 658 published in 2003 by Phillip F. Schewe, Ben Stein, and James Riordon."
Note closely the three dates mentioned here. The pattern of unusual solar activity began in 1948. They peaked in 2000 as we crossed the threshold into the 21st century. And NASA is forecasting what may be the most destructive solar storm in human history, due to strike the Earth sometime in late 2012!
"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storm Watch: S.O.U Sense Of Urgency-by Jim Yackel

The government is not going to help you. FEMA is not going to save you. Forgive my lack of eloquence this time around, but I have to speak plainly. You have got to follow your leading.

There is the S.O.U - the sense of urgency that I must convey, but I would surmise that you are feeling it as well. If you live near the Gulf of Mexico, please do as you are being led to do. Although you may reside on or near the coast, this writer feels led to relay to you that you aren't being fully briefed. I am agonizing over the notion that important - possibly lifesaving - information is being withheld from you in an effort to prevent mass panic. But in that, I must also say to you do not panic.

Alex is a storm unto itself; however this may prove to be an excelerant to inflame the larger Storm that is currently upon us. Yes, the snow and sleet are falling ever lightly now, but that is only a facade. We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but there is an uneasy feeling in my spirit about the Gulf and the Mississippi Valley.

There is much that is being hidden. Obfuscation and distraction are the shell games that are being played by powers and principalities that wear false faces in public but fly false flags and trade souls behind the scenes. They trade property and people in an evil game of Monopoly where they always pass "Go" and never go to jail. There is so much more here than meets the eye.

Prayer - is what is needed tonight; a considerable amount of prayer from all of us. Even if Alex proves ultimately to be a mellow fellow, this will not mean that oil and water will not be a lethal and foul-tasting salad dressing as June melts into July. This is a woeful meal whose byproduct will be a lethal indigestion.

Lord, we ask you please to peel back the cloth of deception that has been pulled over the Gulf of Mexico as oil flows unabated while Alex churns and draws a bead while licking his chops. There is more here than meets our mortal eyes and lives are in the balance while the puppet masters manipulate the game to their damnable advantage. Father, we are fearful of forced evacuations and FEMA camps. There is the concern of Martial Law and the loss of freedom that will partner with unnecessary loss of life. I ask you please to guide the body and may they lead out the lost as well. Through this Storm event, we pray that some of the lost will be found.

In the name of Jesus we pray -- amen.

Prophecy: Run My child run! - at 30 June 2009

"Endure and don't give up now, then all of your struggles were in vain. Be determined like never before to finish the race, no matter the cost. Press on, be steadfast, the end is coming quickly...."

Storm Watch 6/27/10: Troopers Rally ~by Jim Yackel

This writer has awakened with a sense of urgency - more than the usual "SOU" that I experience through all of my waking moments and even in sparse sleep. There is the heightening sensation of falling barometric pressure while the earth below my feet feels as flimsy as a dollar store sky.

All colorful prose aside: Storm Troopers we must rally and now! While so many millions may be feeling the profound atmospheric changes, so many more millions are not. Yes, these changes many are feeling, but many, many more will be left reeling. The Riders on the Storm wear many masks and emanate many fronts, but it is up to us the Troopers to pull away the masks and expose what truth we can. And likewise, it is up to us to share the truth that saves...

The Storm is multi-faceted and highly dynamic. While it is manifesting itself in the Natural, its origins are in the Spiritual. On this tempest, hunger and strife are coming as the architectural pride of American man is smashed with the ease of a child's foot on the roof of a Lego house. Lobster tails and Filet Mignon will be picked apart by scavenging crows as Spam and Spaghetti O's become highly sought after delicacies - enjoyed by those who had the foresight to stock-up and store them before the worst came - and it is almost here.

The Storm is blizzard, hurricane, and earthquake. It is an oily Tsunami where blue-helmeted interlopers say they have come to help evacuate, but in truth their goal is to indoctrinate and mutilate. Beware those in unfamiliar garb who claim to be in an official capacity. These are other Riders on the Storm, who don't tell lies and foment radical agendas on your television but instead implement the lies and clear the beaches for the agendas. Troopers, as you stand in the gap you must be aware of these serpents and know the squirming brains under the helmets and grinning faces behind the masks.

Troopers, beware of rising kings who sit on tinfoil thrones and impart flaming decrees. As the winds become furious in the summer's twilight, the Riders on the Storm will deliver lies packaged as "aid" and it will be up to us to detonate these packages so as to prevent them from doing greater harm.

Lies and deception through recession then depression. Deconstruction through distruction. "Never waste a good crisis" these evil princes and riders say, and in that they are laser-focused and determined. We will have to be truth-tellers and bringers of comfort in the crisis.

Storm Troopers, we must rally and add to our numbers. Courage is needed now as every day will see increasingly inclement weather as the summer that isn't melts into an autumn of tumult. The liars own so much of the information broadcasting systems and it is incumbent upon us to bring the truth. We are to clear the pathways of snow and bring light into the 36 hour night. In this, strong and honest leaders must rise and lead by living the Word of our Lord.

It has begun and the most difficult days are to come. Are we ready? Do you feel the call to be a Storm Trooper? How is the Holy Spirit moving your heart and soul today?

Pray hard, stand tall, and do not be given over to a spirit of fear.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Storm Watch: Floods and Loss

By Jim Yackel

God has given us Himself in three parts: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has also blessed us with each other: brothers, sisters, family, and friends. So often, this great gift that is each other is neglected, rejected, insulted, and spurned. We are now entering into days where we must repair and restore bridges that have been burned.

We will need each other as the Storm builds to its full and angry fury. June 26th, 2010 has seen an intensification of elements from June 25th - and in this build toward the apex many will suffer great loss. "Loss" is a word that I keep seeing. I see loss written on foreheads above smiling, unaware faces and I desire to say something, but the words are kept from flowing as is water behind an earthen dam. But, dams will break as they give up trying to hold back the raging, rising water. With painful, resigned groans they will release their burdens and cause flooding that will lead to loss.

So, it will be incumbent upon us to be available to those who will suffer great loss as the floods flow and the quakes shake in the Storm that intensifies in the coming few months. This morning, as this writer taps words out of his keyboard, he has great concern over mighty rivers in America's heartland. But, this niggling nagging concern doesn't begin and end with those waterways; as floods can manifest themselves in what are today unimaginable ways.

Floods of tears and sadness. Floods of despair caused by a lack of spiritual preparation. A flood of rude awakenings for those who have ignored the subtle yet persistent signs. A torrent of grief over loss, as the Storm is a thief - but not like He who will come like a thief in the night.

We who watch at the wall can sound the warning cry, but for the most part those who have loss written on their foreheads also have skepticism and disbelief plugging their ears. It is not until loss is suffered that they will choose to heed the call. They will mock and scoff the writings of someone like me. So many will eat and drink without concern for a time when plentiful storehouses and supermarket shelves will be empty. Like in the days of Noah, they will be giving in marriage. They will be planning futures without a concern for the dark clouds forming on the horizon. They will be caught laughing with chicken grease smeared around their mouths as the last bit of flesh is pulled from the bone. And then, they will be trapped in the snare of painful despair as they have been caught purposefully unaware.

Brothers and sisters, please do not condemn these who have loss written on their foreheads. Please do not pull righteous rank on them or be "holier than thou." We were born to love, and love on them is what we must do. Yes, these who will know the greatest loss have been purposefully negligent while enjoying the proverbial rock-n-roll party in the streets. But within the destruction of the Storm that is gathering today will also be a time of rebirth and renewal - if only for a short while.

Some of those who today have loss written on their foreheads will be opened to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus during the strenuous times that are quickly approaching. We, as His ambassadors and warriors, as His Storm Troopers, as human manifestations of His love - we must be prepared to offer a firm yet gentle hand combined with a kind word, all led by His word. Those who have loss written on their foreheads can be found, and it will be incumbent upon us to lead the way. We will lead the way by walking as He would choose us to walk.

Loss of fortunes, homes, and families. Loss of food and freedoms. Loss of mental and physical health. All of this is nigh upon us and will deceive many into believing that Jacob's Trouble has come to their doors - but no, that will be even worse.

Before the trumpet sounds to call us home, be ready to love like you have never loved. We will be kindly and brave Storm Troopers - and we will be servants and not masters. The day is at the door. Are we ready?

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Many Americans expect Jesus' return by 2050

A new survey finds that Americans are divided over whether they believe Jesus Christ will return by the year 2050.

A majority of all respondents, meanwhile, say they expect there to be nuclear terrorism against the US or another world war by 2050.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents under the age of 30 predict a world war by 2050, 72% believe that there will be an energy crisis worldwide by 2050 and 31% expect an asteroid will strike the planet.

According to the poll, 53% expect a terrorist attack against the United States using a nuclear weapon.

The poll also shows a sharp dip in overall optimism from 1999, when 81% expected a good life for themselves and their families.,7340,L-3909431,00.html

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Storm Watch: Oil and Israel

War will drive the gale-force winds of the Storm. The Persian Gulf and the Red Sea may reflect the flash of missile fire and while oil flows and churns into another hemisphere's gulf, the waters off of Iran will roil. In response, Israel is in the cross hairs of these bitter winds and hail, and she will see her God react and defend her. As the summer that isn't burns away into autumn's tempest, oil and Israel will force the smirks of the talking news heads into somber and sober countenances, and a decreasing number of viewers will be able to observe the metamorphosis.

Sweet Israel - she is the apple of God's eye, but there is danger all around her. She is the land of milk and honey but the bitter flavors of shrapnel, gunpowder, and blood will foul the taste but if only for a while, as God will move through the Storm to aid and refresh her. There is no Storm that can overpower the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - as He can call up the Storm and then speak it into shivering submission. Power and glory are His name!

As the summer that isn't stumbles and staggers into an uncertain autumnal equinox, Iran, Israel, oil, and American upheaval will force the smiling anchors and anchorettes to turn from a depraved Hollywood news cycle to instead report on the blizzard that rages in the Spiritual, unseen by millions in the Natural. And yet millions and more millions will feel the sleet pelt them on their faces and the sting will make them cry out "why me?"

Gasoline pumps dry as desert. Grocery store shelves with nothing, save for the crows to pick through fastidiously. National Guard troops acting as traffic cops while none sit in vacated donut shops. Schools becoming ad hoc prisons as children cry out for parents to come and rescue them from stone-faced men with military armaments. Fathers, you will be pushed to the limits of your manhood. Are you afraid to die?

I don't fear death, for death and resurrection have given me eternal life. The storm will be brutal and I ask you to please prepare by diminishing yourselves in reverence - on bended knees and with bowed heads and eyes closed. Know today and take it to heart that Jesus is Lord. I must say this now as my spirit aches for you to know.

When all of our common creature comforts become expensive commodities in the coming weeks - we will still have the blood of redemption on us. When the winds blow our windows inward and we are cut by the shattered glass, His stripes will be our healing. When events half a world away become the hurricane that blows down our doors while fueling fire on our streets - we will be fireproof because we are bathed in His living water.

It is lightly snowing today, but the snow that most don't see is even now growing heavier. The winds are slowly increasing - do you feel them? Storm Troopers, are you ready to walk and to lead?

Pray for Israel and for America. There is an abomination amongst us today, but the Storm will wash it away. And do not be deceived - this will not yet be the time of Jacob's Trouble.

Please be prepared.

By Jim Yackel