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Friday, July 30, 2010

"The American Natural" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

As of July 30th, 2010, the Storm is intensifying much more in the Supernatural than the Natural; at least in the experiences of this writer. I have seen the bizarre and the virtually indescribable. I have stood on soft and shifting ground, but my faith in the Lord has not been shaken nor has it wavered.

Many of us have been expecting Storm events to begin manifesting themselves in the natural. Instead, everything here in the material appears to be in a holding pattern. Certainly, the U.S. economy is still ailing as the Television Talking Faces carry water for the Arrogant Marionette and claim that the situation is improving. Indeed, there is still a small amount of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, as more of us question the veracity of the reporting from that area. U.S. service personnel are dying in Afghanistan, but again, there seems to be a lack of attention being paid to that conflict on the part of the mainstream media. Israel and Iran? All appears to be quiet on that front - but it never is. A Japanese oil tanker was recently damaged in the Strait of Hormuz by what appears to have been a blast and not a "freak wave" as Iranian officials claim; and yet where is the outrage over this apparent act of aggression?

The obfuscation is in full-effect in the American Natural as this Storm is intensifying in the Spiritual. The culture is still texting while it drives; from its iPhones and other high-end telecommunications devices while at the same time complaining that it can't pay its mortgage or purchase groceries. The young hipsters are looking for Jesus inside of a labyrinth as they hope that He will come and repair their broken earth. It seems that here in the Natural we have opened our fingers and dropped our absolutes as we celebrate new and more culturally-sensitive ways to preach a tired old Gospel. Oh, but we are wrong about that old Gospel being tired! That old Gospel is vibrant and alive; it is those who walk circular paths and succumb to trances in this Natural that declare the sanctified word of our Lord to be old and tired.

So while all appears to be quiet on the physical earth-front on this penultimate day of July, know that further down the path where many can't see there is much activity and movement. Only through the covering of the Holy Spirit brought to us through the saving grace of Jesus Christ will we be prepared for what lies ahead. As Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6-7, Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

May we pray?

Dear Lord - We are grateful that you will guard or hearts and minds as there appears to be a stagnation of events here in the Natural. so many of us are under attack from the evil that exists in the Supernatural. Many of us have been depressed, distressed, and tormented. Many of us are suffering loss and damage to the basics of material earthly life, and yet we must understand that ultimately these things do not matter as we have You and Your eternal life alive inside of us and persevering us.

Lord, help me to understand and be able to communicate the things that I am seeing as I believe they are important and useful. Please give me clarity and sight and let me use it to honor You. Please be with us all as we wrestle against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, and against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Jesus, You are the victor over these things and we have victory in You! In Your glorious name we pray, Amen!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Canal In Warners

"Wayfaring" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

Storm Warning column by Jim YackelThe effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Prayer and supplication are what we have to live on wayfaring into this increasingly turbulent period. Prayer is the Wi-Fi connection that will keep us in contact with the Lord as we navigate this tunnel under our city in distress.

Our journey has become expanded as we are treading trails that weren't part of our original itinerary and it will likely be that way for you as well. Yes, we are crossing bridges and traveling through tunnels that we didn't realize that the path extended through. The bridges carry us over what appears to be placid water and the tunnels are taking us underneath riots, fire, and all manner of mayhem. And yet today, July 29th 2010 at 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, all seems to be quiet...

Several days ago, over 800,000 gallons of oil leaked from a damaged pipe into Talmadge Creek which took the crude into the Kalamazoo River in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Benzene, a potentially harmful chemical released from the oil could pose a health hazard to humans who come in contact with the water or breath in the fumes. Combine this with the oil that is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and what we are confronted with is increasing low pressure that is feeding the multi-facted and highly-dynamic Storm that has still to come close to its full fury.

Again, I must remind you to bear in mind Psalm 146, verse 3, which reminds us not to put our trust in princes; in mortal men who cannot save. There is no politician that may be elected on November 2nd, 2010 that is going to turn back the Storm that has been set in motion. Politicians are mortal men and women with carnal desires just like us - only they have the position which allows them to effect their will. These politicians in their lust for money and power are in and of themselves fuelers of the growing Storm.
As we carry on down the path, over bridges and through tunnels, we must keep our sights focused on Jesus and our hearts and minds in a prayerful state. And I must extol you to do your level best not to walk into this growing maelstrom without others by your side.

The coming weeks and months that will close out 2010 will see increasing turbulence. It will be meteorological, seismic, economic, involve terror and military, natural disasters, and some of this will originate in the Spiritual. It is difficult to pinpoint days and locations of specific events, but we must believe that no place in America can be considered immune.
May we please pray?

Gracious and merciful Lord - please guide us today as we wayfare into unknown and uncharted territory, although on the surface it may seem familiar. Be the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path as in these days of late July our visibility is obfuscated by a snow that is created by evil men in the natural who are driven by the supernatural. The day is coming Lord when you will crush these under Your foot and they will be a footstool under our feet, but as we walk today into inclemency, please guide us and hold us as we know that You will. Jesus, the name above all names, in your name we pray - Amen!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tunnels ©2010 Jim Yackel

It was only a matter of days ago that we emerged from a tunnel. It was a rather dank and caliginous place and we were glad when we walked out into the sunlight. Now, it seems that we have stepped into another tunnel; but this time we are hardly the only wayfarers trekking through.

The first tunnel that we found ourselves traveling through was cylindrical in shape with an abandoned asphalt roadway that we used as a walkway. Each of the three of us entered separately - a few days apart - but we quickly found each other and began wayfaring as a team. The ceiling of this underground passageway was approximately 20 feet above the walkway. The tunnel's ceiling was equipped with light fixtures - none of which were functioning - and yet there was a small amount of natural light seeping in from somewhere. The width of this channel was likewise around 20 feet. The walls and the ceiling were gray concrete and both exhibited varying levels of disrepair, with rivulets of runoff water leaking through in a few spots.

We couldn't help but notice that in ten or so locations along the sides of the tunnel were piles covered with brown canvas tarps. The piles were malodorous and judging by the shapes and sizes we were certain that dead human adults - between 1 and 3 per pile - were beneath these aforementioned canvas coverings. But, as it were, none of us felt particularly inspired to lift the tarps for a peek. It is only now that I am beginning to wonder why these bodies were covered over and left.

After the passage of 16 days we emerged tired and with minor abrasions but otherwise unscathed. Not one of the three of us remembers consuming any food or water and yet we were sustained. For most of the 16 days, we pursued a light in the distance that we knew was the exit point. At times we lost sight of the exit point, but invariably it was always re-targeted and alas we surfaced.

After a number days that we have lost count of, we find ourselves tunnel-bound again. The previous tunnel experience has prepared us for where we are now; albeit in a different type of underpass. This time it is a subway tunnel that we are traversing through and we are hardly alone.

There are hundreds of others with us. Some are dressed in business attire while others are barely dressed at all. These are people of various sizes, shapes, races, styles, and economic strata. We can't help but think that we are somewhere in Manhattan. We quickly realize that the trains are not running - even though we aren't there to catch one. A single train is parked at a platform and it is devoid of passengers and crew; and it goes without saying that the doors to the cars are closed and no one can board. While there is some frustration amongst those who are here with us in the subway tunnel, people are generally well-behaved and resigned to the fact that they won't be riding a train today. Many have begun walking away en masse, heading away from the front of the train in a direction that we are not sure of; although it feels like north. What is peculiar is that no one appears to be heading back up the stairs to the street level. The vast majority are walking away from the train, seemingly with a destination in mind. The three of us begin to walk with the flow.

I don't know what has brought us here but I do believe that is prophetic. While we are here, whatever has happened has not happened yet. We are with hundreds of others merely walking away. Again, while there is a level of frustration as individuals expected to go to work and to other destinations, there is order and even some good natured laughter. There are police officers scattered about and they seem to only watch as we walk by. While I cannot say for sure what has taken place, we are not afraid - but it is something and it is at street level. The Holy Spirit surrounds the three of us and we praise Jesus with our walks and with our words.

In Christ's Service,


Hedge of Faith (c) 2010 Jim Yackel

The distractions are great, but we must keep focused on the path ahead. There are things that lurk in the bushes that would harm us if they could, but with the hedge that is the Holy Spirit upon us we are safe. But, some have walked this path without the Hedge of Faith and they have been devoured…

What can be worse than traveling alone, just to hear the
snapping and rustling of the bushes along your path as you walk into nightfall? What is it that is moving through those bushes, keeping pace with you? What was that growling noise — was it some creature or just your stomach?

Aren’t we all wayfarers along this path? The answer to that question is “yes” because we all must walk. But, do we walk in the light or in the dark? Do we walk alone, or are we in good company? Do we walk unprotected, or are we surrounded by the Hedge of Faith?

My faith is in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who is none other than Jesus. I wouldn’t consider walking without the hedge of faith in Him, for to do so I would be vulnerable to those things that lurk in the bushes, waiting to pounce and devour.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Burdened" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

This writer is burdened this afternoon with people and places. While this writer is burdened with sadness on the surface, there is peace and joy underneath.

Many will perish because of the Storm that is bringing light snow today but will open its maws to pour out Thundersnow, gale-force winds and shaking during the coming weeks. This is meteorological, seismic, terror related, militaristic, economic, and spiritual. The growing Storm is not the Great Tribulation, though some will claim it to be. Both the Storm and the Tribulation will be governed by Satanic leadership. While the Great Tribulation will see orderly death and destruction, the growing Storm will bring chaotic strife and damage. The Great Tribulation will see death and destruction under the leadership and orchestration of the Anti-Christ, while this growing Storm period will be spontaneous, haphazardly, and largely unpredictable. America is Ground Zero for the Storm, and her deteriorating relationship with Israel through the petty international relations efforts by the Arrogant Marionette and his cabinet of the Godless will exacerbate the effects of this multi-faceted and highly-dynamic phenomena that is quietly swirling around us today - building at an unpredictable speed.

The burden that I feel for people is centered around the unsaved that are part of my life - and there are many. These individuals have no idea what is coming upon them and consider me insane when I even attempt to broach the topic. God has gifted me with the ability to speak with tact, diplomacy, love, and with exceptional enunciation, and yet they laugh at me and call me "crazy" and "religious." I have fond memories of times spent with some of these people, and I am sad for what they refuse to be prepared to handle. Lord, please let the gifts you have given me begin to have an effect on these who mock, scoff, and judge. Many of these are truly good people who fatally believe that their "goodness" is going to take them to a "better place" when they die.

I have bittersweet memories of good times shared in beautiful places with some of these people, and I am heartbroken that unless repentance comes soon, they will never see the most beautiful place of all. I have laughed with them, held them, comforted them, walked with them, disagreed and fought with them - and I have loved them, each and every one. I at times hate myself because I can't reach them - but then I am enveloped by peace because the Holy Spirit tells me that I have done more than I can see. But, I have done no good thing without my Lord who has wrapped Himself in all of the glory.

It is my hope that the Trumpet will blow and we will be called home to the Wedding Feast before Level 5 of this Storm is achieved. And once we are gone, the real Tribulation will follow close behind. If those who I have written of are left here, perhaps then they will see what I was so passionate about and in that they will come to faith as Tribulation Saints. But, it would be so much better for them to wrap their arms around the cross today and get their grave clothes blood-stained with eternal life. In that faith, it would be better for them to be a Storm Trooper than a Tribulation Saint.

May we pray?

Gracious and Merciful Lord - please let those with hard hearts and scaled eyes see the love of eternity glistening through your Holy Spirit. As a multi-colored prism it shines and reflects the light of the Father's power and glory and oh what love there is! Shake them awake Lord that they may approach your throne that is shrouded in dazzling light - that they may approach it set apart and Holy. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty!

You have given me visions of hearts of ice that begin to drip and melt. It is the warmth of Your love my beautiful Jesus that melts that ice! A heart is frozen dead until that ice melts away. Please Lord, we know that there must be a sense of urgency as the hour is growing late. Please, please melt the ice around those hearts! Jesus- the name above all names. It is in your name we pray - Amen!

Whom Shall I Fear by Jim Yackel

"American Girl" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

An ABC news article dated for July 26th claims that the Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has shrunk from being the approximate size of the state of Kansas to now the size of New Hampshire. Where did the crude go? Some along the Gulf believe that the oil for the greater part is still there, layered between the surface of the water and the bottom.

Granted, it isn't at the levels previous to the application of a makeshift cap, but the oil is still leaking, is it not? And, aren't there concerns of methane gas being forced through the ocean floor?

Indeed, it would be convenient for the Arrogant Marionette and his lapdog Television Talking Faces in the Mainstream Media for this mess to be cleaning itself up. Yes, they would choose to keep us in the dark concerning any events that would feed moisture into the growing maelstrom. These lost and deceived souls who choose to follow the wayward wind operate most effectively under the cover of darkness.

No matter what is taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, we are not likely to get the truth. And, when portraits of an improving U.S. economy are painted on the canvases of our idiot boxes we must know that the artists are deceivers. As Israel is in danger from all sides as the insidious wolves who are her neighbors scratch and claw at her perimeter attempting to create a breach, these artists who paint portraits of bull feces will scarcely write the letters of her name as she is the apple of the eye of the Holy, Triune, God; He who causes their hair to stand on end and their souls to churn like a roiley, rain-swollen river. 

America is in fact awakening; and she is in a foul mood as she has been asleep but has not been rested. Yes, America is awakening with nausea and a pounding headache and she is still dressed in last night's clothes - these which are coated with her own vomit. On November 4th, 2008, she went to the voting booth drunk on spiked Kool-Aid and through her fuzzy vision pulled the lever for the first wooden president; who is a most willing and arrogant marionette for the wealthy Puppet Masters to manipulate. Our American Girl was oh so easily wooed and manipulated and as the free Kool-Aid shots were slid across the bar and through her television, she swallowed them carelessly with no consideration of who would pick her up and take her home.

Why was our American Girl so easily tempted and manipulated? The answer is to that question is simple: she took her eyes off of Jesus and instead lusted over a handsome, teleprompted albeit wooden false-messiah, and she gave in to the urgings of her loins and not the prompting of her spirit.

Yes, our girl is awake now and though she is hungover and reeks of bile, she is being overcome with sobriety. She is looking at what is laying in her bed with a wolfish grin on its wooden face and she feels violated. But, as the Storm is gaining in intensity, will our girl get showered, dressed, and swallow her holy spirit coffee in time?

Gracious and merciful Lord - this day we pray for clarity and sobriety for this nation and for the world. We ask Lord that more will turn to You as their first love. Those who have turned away from You, please Lord, appeal to their hearts today that those longings will be refreshed and that they will run back into Your loving arms to be forever in Your embrace.

Time is of the essence and not a luxury on July 27th, 2010. Please Lord, create a sense of urgency and sobriety in the lost and in the backslid. Please Lord, a sense of sobriety for those drunk on the world and its false wooden idols. Jesus, you deserve all of our worship and praise, and in your most holy name we pray- Amen!

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Lost In the Labyrinth" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

Why is it that for so many, myths are so easily believed? Is the feeling of having one's ears tickled truly that pleasant? Indeed, the deception will be even more easily fostered when the Thundersnow is falling at its heaviest in the coming months, making the visibility of the truth that much lower.

There is no man that can save you. The only One who can save you spent 33 years in human form on earth, but He is not man. He was God in flesh and because He bore the physical detriments of man He bled and died at the hands of men. His bleeding and dying gave us eternal life. He is Jesus and He is God; just as the Holy Spirit and the Father are God. These three are One. They together are the One God Adonai; praise His holy name!

Please do not worship and follow man and his ecumenical movements. As many become blinded by the Thundersnow that will fall and blow semi-sideways on gale-force winds, they will be apt to follow cosmetically-enhanced untruths and doctored doctrines. They will seek what can never be found in lies and in the bitter wind they will die.

Come to life and come today. The movement you need is not on your shoulder, nor will it be floating on the pleasant aroma of incense. To walk a labyrinth will lead you to a place of loss. Instead, would you please come and walk directly to the foot of the cross? And, when you arrive there, wrap your arms around it be blood-stained.

Red blood will be visible in the snow as this multi-facteted and highly-dynamic Storm rages in the weeks that wind-down 2010 to an agonizing sputter. We will know each other by the blood that stains us, when all else will be nearly impossible to see. We are seekers and knowers of the Gospel truth, and we are blood-brethren. We are wayfarers on the straight and narrow path through the Storm, and we will not be lost in the labyrinth.

May we please pray?

Gracious and merciful Lord - let your truth override the movements of men as visibility diminishes while the Storm increases. Jesus, please equip your Storm Troopers to manifest your truth through our walks dressed in blood-stained uniforms. It is by Your blood we are saved and in the growing Storm that is singing as a deceptive lullaby today many will die when the jukebox goes silent and the maelstrom rages like an angry drunkard.

Your truth and Your strength will reign and be manifest in us who aspire to it with servant's hearts and a lover's passion. Guide us and use us in truth. Use us the Storm Troopers as firm but loving warriors that will not blacken eyes but instead open them. Jesus, how we love to proclaim your name, and in your name we pray - amen!

The Wayfarers By Jim Yackel

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"Cacophony Of Quiet" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

This writer has been startled by the cacophony of quiet. I will not claim that there has been peace in the valley in recent days, but there has been quiet. The hackneyed cliche' "the calm before the storm" may apply here, but perhaps a more complex statement being "a quiet section of Storm level 1" may be more appropriate.

While there is a deep peace within my cacophonous soul that only comes through the indwelt presence of the Holy Spirit, that peace is not manifesting itself in the Natural. No, the words "peace" and "quiet" are not always synonymous but can in fact be mutually exclusive. In the world and in the U.S. this morning, there is not peace but merely quiet. This nation appears to be on edge and afraid to breath. It seems as though we are seated in a theater watching a Grade B horror film and the antagonist is drawing his machete to his ear as his victim's back is turned to him unaware. We who sit in this metaphorical cinema are on the edges of our seats and too tense to breath. Those who have popcorn inside of their mouths have ceased chewing. The tension and anticipation of what happens is so thick that we would need that very machete in order to cut through it. Other than the sound of the orchestra rising to a crescendo in the film's soundtrack there is quiet... quiet..... don't breath....

The 2010 political campaigns are ratcheting up and the mud is slinging. This is discordant noise but it is also quiet. Politicians are part of the problem and not the solution as they are not watching at the wall or steeling themselves to be Storm Troopers. Again, if you are expecting great and mighty miracles to take place on November 2nd, 2010, you are putting your trust in princes and mortal men that cannot save. The 2010 American political scene is merely an element of low pressure feeding the Storm and no miracles will come from well-dressed men and women who claim to be for you but are only for themselves.

In this quiet is nervous anticipation. There is anxiety but it will not overtake us. Many are going through their days in denial with dopey-faced grins on their faces; but in this I would suggest increased sobriety. No friends, this is not a time for misery but it is likewise not a time for complacency. Let us who have accepted the saving grace that only comes from Christ Jesus be joyful in our salvation but not lost in a sleepy dream state as it is this morning so very quiet...too quiet.

Watch out that none deceive you with repetitive relaxing lullabies sung with mellifluous voices. Please use this quiet time to pray and prepare.

Dear Lord - we are on the edge of our seats this morning, as we have been for a number of days. I cannot help but to sense that this time of relative calm and quiet is a precursor to a major Storm event and it is making me uneasy. I cannot help but feel that the masses are being hypnotized and that may include some of the brethren. I sense Lord that a section of the floor is about to fall out.

Please Jesus, keep us focused, sober, and aware; and please keep us collected during this uneasy calm. You are the power and the glory. You are the beacon whose light pierces and penetrates the heaviest of snowfall. Please do not let the blah-blah of Television Talking Faces be like white noise that puts us to sleep at the edges of our seats.

And please Lord, keep the brethren from competing against each other to see who can be the better Christians. There are some who believe that they are more saved than others. Lord, if we have accepted your saving grace and mercy and are living repentant lives, if we confess with our mouths that You are Lord and believe in our hearts that the Father raised You from the dead - we are saved. There is no level of arrogance or works that will make one of us more so than the other.

Please Jesus, bring us everlasting peace during this brief bit of quiet and prepare us for what is to come on the Storm. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! In your magnificent name we pray, amen.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Road to Paradise ©2009 Jim Yackel

There exists a town named Paradise located in Butte County, which is in the northwest foothills of California's Central Valley, in the Sierra. I've never been to Paradise; however from what I've read and seen through photographic evidence it looks to be a wonderful place. Still, as wonderful as Paradise may be, it isn't Paradise.

The words of Jesus, as written Biblically in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, verses 13 and 14 say: Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Yes, small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, but, please don't be discouraged. Those words of Christ are instead an encouragement! To wit: earlier in Chapter 7, in verses 7 and 8 to be specific, the words of Jesus are: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Through true faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will see Paradise at the end of this rocky road we travel on Planet Earth. When Jesus was crucified, His cross was not alone. There was a cross on either side of Him; on each of which hung a convicted criminal. There was an exchange between Jesus and the two felons as they hung there at Calvary, and it is detailed in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 23, verses 39 through 43:

One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him (Jesus): "Aren't you the Christ? Save yourself and us!" But the other criminal rebuked him. "Don't you fear God," he said, "since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong." Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom." Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."

I underlined Christ's words "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise" in order to emphasize them. The point is that because of faith in the Christ that hung next to him, the convicted criminal would pass into an eternity of paradise in Heaven. It didn't matter what that criminal had done. All of his sins were being paid for by the one who was fully God and fully man, bound and nailed next to him. That scofflaw, unlike his partner in crime on the third cross, believed that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Faith in Jesus is the small gate and the narrow road. Instead, too many choose to take the broad road and wide gate without Him walking beside them, and that does lead to destruction.

He is resurrected from the dead: alive and present and there for you. He has a place for you in Paradise at the end of this rocky road. There, you will find no ghetto, no turmoil, and no pain. There will be no concrete jungle or searing desert heat. Misery is will be no more, agony salved and hunger will be satiated. Poverty will be replaced with riches in the spirit. All tears will be dried and death but a distant memory. Yes, all of our fears and tears will instead be joy and laughter...

His blood bought you a mansion in Paradise. Oh, how He yearns for you to be with Him there forever. There isn't a single good deed that will get you through the narrow gate or a bad action that will deny you entry. Through faith in Christ alone that gate swings open at the end of the road.

In Christ's Service,


Every Stone by Jim Yackel

"Man Of Light" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

Watch out that none deceive you. Many will lead you astray...

Is it mere human nature that we always seem to be searching for a hero - someone to sweep in and save the day? Do we not realize that our hero has already swept in and saved us?

There were Masses of Millions who believed that the Arrogant Marionette was the "One";that he was a savior who would cure us of the ills that had in recent years befallen this nation and this world. Through him, all of the downtrodden would receive what they were rightfully owed; courtesy of the taxpaying "rich" - who would pay more and more until social justice was served.

How frighteningly easily those masses were manipulated!

Now the paint has been chipped and faded on the Arrogant Marionette and he has been exposed as the fraud and the tool that he is - although he will still be used by the Puppet Masters to exacerbate the Fall of this nation in order to usher in the New World Order to be run by a charismatic and dynamic leader who will appear to have all of the solutions. The Arrogant Marionette is indeed a mere willing tool and not the answer. He is the hammer's claw to pull the nails out of the two by fours that hold this nation together. But, now a new Man of Light is on the rise as the Storm to blow away all storms is intensifying.

You will see him on your television while you still have electrical power. You'll hear his eloquent voice speak over your radio with grace, clear enunciation, and clever humor. He will quote scripture and preach the word of our Lord; but those of us who watch at the wall will know that he is in fact twisting God's word to fit his own agenda.

This Man of Light will speak of God's "justice" and how we must all improve ourselves to be more like Him. The words "improve" and "yourself" will be spoken by this man and be swallowed by the gullible Masses of Millions as they are told to "look inward to see the outward." He will say that Jesus will not ultimately judge us and reward or condemn - dependent on whether or not our faith was in Him. Instead, this Man of Light will preach messages that claim that Jesus wants to "improve us" as to make us more "useful" to the "beckoning new world of justice, harmony, equality, and prosperity." It will be "Heaven on Earth" and a paradise like that which Adam and Eve enjoyed before the fall.

This Man of Light will be a preacher, a singer, and a diplomat. He will be a celebrity's celebrity. He will appear virtually out of nowhere and yes, it has become clear to this writer that some of the Puppet Masters are responsible for his rise. Not all of the Masters are on board with this manipulation and it will cause disharmony within the group that gathers at the Oak Table, as some will still believe that the Arrogant Marionette is the way to best herd the swine into slaughter. And yet, those in the group who mold the Man of Light will ultimately prevail as this is "strictly business" - and the Marionette's strings will be cut.

Brothers and sisters, this is no man of light that I speak of. He is the "Dark Man" previously described by this writer and he will rise in the coming weeks as this multi-faceted and highly-dynamic storm gains power. This Dark Man is not of a dark-skinned race but is in fact Caucasian. His preferred manner of dress is a charcoal or a black suit with a purple or navy-colored tie. The false "man of light" who is truly a dark man hails from the southern United States, very likely Louisiana, and speaks with a gentle and charming drawl. Although it is not crystal clear, in my vision I have seen him with dark, wavy hair and a handsome, chiseled face. He will be adored by women and looked up to by men. While similar in style, sound, and appearance, he isn't the one who today speaks of a prosperity gospel.

He is not the Son of Perdition but will be yet another Conditioner for the rise of that coming world leader. And where the previous Conditioner who hails from Chicago's corruption has not thus far met expectations, the Dark Man who is no man of light will exceed them.

Do not be blinded by the new kid in town who will be called the "Man of Light" - for he is a dark, dark, man. He is one of the primary Riders on the Storm.

May we pray?

Lord, so gracious and merciful and ultimately powerful are You. Jesus - the name above all names and the only name worthy of our praise! Hallelujah! All glory and honor go to you and not to men who masquerade in luminescence but in fact operate in stench-ridden shadows. There is a man who will come on the Storm who will be as a handsome scarecrow stuffed with autumn's leaves, but how he will deceive! This nation and to a lesser extent this world has demonstrated how easily it can be deceived. America is seeking a new hero that is more than a genuine illusion, and more in this place must realize that you are the Sovereign Lord and Savior. You are the hero! You Lord are the light!

Jesus, we ask that you minimize the effects of the deception being foisted on a lazy and gullible people now and as the Storm intensifies. We ask, oh Lord, that you remove scales from eyes so there will indeed be more eyes to see and ears to hear. Please Lord, stand with the Storm Troopers who today watch at the wall; in preparation for the journey that will propel us into leadership through the Storm.

Lord, it is your light and illumination that we seek today; we do not seek these things from beguiling mortal men. Jesus - in your mighty name we pray, amen!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Wayfarers - Jim Yackel Live in the Living Room

Jim Yackel performing his song "The Wayfarers" acoustic solo. Look out for Jim's novel "The Wayfarers." Please visit

Coffee, Beer, Cigarettes, and Snowflakes ©2010 Jim Yackel

It is unlikely that any two snowflakes have ever been exact duplicates of each other. Likewise, it appears that God has never formed any two of us exactly alike in our respective mother's wombs. Certainly, identical twins can be just that in physical appearance, but are they identical in personality, goals, and thoughts?

I see God's beauty in the sunrise and sunset. I see His majesty in the hills and trees. I see the life He made in waters that flow; whether they are shallow temporary rivulets of melting snow or deep rivers teaming with fish. And, we His children have been fearfully and wonderfully made. God's work is beautiful and this writer knows that full well. I see the uniqueness of each of us; wired for sight and sound but each wired differently at His hand. Each one of us is like a snowflake...

Our similarities and proclivities draw us together and bind us in groups. We are most comfortable when in the company of those who are like us. Smokers who are forced to take their habit outside have that common bond that can form alliances that can create friendships. Likewise, consumers of alcohol have that common bond that draws them together at the local pub and those friendships can become deep and enduring. I don't drink or smoke, so I'm not able to enjoy the bonding and social interaction that comes from partaking of those activities. Coffee is this writer's vice of choice.

Despite our similarities, we are each wired differently and it is that uniqueness that makes us who we are. Indeed, we are snowflakes and no two of us are alike. God's greatest gift to us was His son who died on a cross for our sins so we may live spotless and blameless in eternity. But, one of the earthly gifts He blessed us with is our unique wiring. On the surface, our schematics may be the same, but look more closely at the finer details. Two of us may speak and behave identically, but each of us brings our own unique behaviors, quirks, inclinations, desires, and gifts to this earthly life's table. As I walk further down this Towpath of earthly life, I am seeing ever so clearly what makes the individuals that I encounter unique -- as I know who it is that made them that way. I know the master designer...

But -- contrary to our uniqueness we are so much the same, aren't we? Am I just talking in circles?

Like snowflakes, we are all fragile and vulnerable. We may front with alligator skin exteriors, but that skin is so easily penetrated isn't it? We may be knights in shining armor but that armor is too easily pierced, being rendered feckless against whatever lance it was intended to protect us from. Yes, we are soldiers thrust into battle. Yes indeed, we are each uniquely wired and continually uploading, downloading, and file sharing. But, much against our best efforts we are like snowflakes and we will melt.

We all need and crave love and to say that you don't is to live a colossal lie. We are all the same in this regard. When our armor is lanced it is the heart that is penetrated and those wounds can run as deep as the river of life, because love doesn't fade away like a melting snowflake. But, those wounds can be healed with new love and the heart grows stronger as the mind becomes wiser. Shall we praise God for our human resiliency? Yes, we all need to give and receive love -- it is so much of what we are and it binds us tightly together!

Romance is pretty paper and bows, but love is the gift inside. Friendship can begin over something as temporal as coffee, beer, or a smoke break -- but can grow into true friendship which is based on love. Love will get you through the tough times and enable you to rejoice when you've reached the end of the desert sand. Love is right there in your family and friends, as they are your safe harbor. Love is in your husband or wife, as they are the arms that will hold you and comfort you. If your spouse is also your friend, you my friend are truly blessed! We all -- each and every one -- need this comfort and security.

Please be a great friend in all of your imperfection. Please be a trustworthy and faithful spouse even when you're not "feeling it" -- and in that you will manifest love. Your life and your love is a gift and like a snowflake you will melt, like a rivulet you will cease flowing, and like a speck of dust you will blow away as your days are numbered -- so leave a legacy of love.

God is love. He is where love was created and He is the wellspring from which it all flows. He loves you so much that He fearfully and wonderfully made you with the idea that you would spend eternity with Him and He sent His son to be the Christ to seal it. It's a matter of faith and simple truth -- and it is in your heart ready to be opened like a gift on Christmas day. It's a matter of simple and perfect love -- the perfect love that drives out all fear. Don't be afraid of this love -- it's yours, now take it.

In Christ's Service,


Pray Hard

PRAY HARD © 2007 Jim Yackel

Lyrics to Pray Hard

Not in Vain

‎"Obey and follow Me. Seek Me with all your heart while I can be found and please Me. Seek to spend eternity with Me. My child, the time you spend with Me now, to get to know Me and to do My will, will not be in vain"...

"The Dark Man" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

What is it that we can't see, that is lurking just outside of our periphery? We can plan and prepare for what will be in the worst of this growing maelstrom; however there are likely some conditions and events that we will have not anticipated. This writer is being burdened with the feeling that there is a monster riding on this growing Storm, lurking in the clouds out of plain site; and when it pounces it will surprise and devastate with its ferocity.

In these recent days Americans who are attuned have been keying on the Gulf and North Korea. The National Defense Commission of that nation has threatened to "legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear war exercises to be staged by the U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces" in response to war games to be staged by the U.S. and its ally. But, is North Korea blowing merely smoke?

As tropical storm Bonnie bears down on the site of the Gulf oil spill, crews are evacuating the damaged well as there is still leaking. But is the oil secondary in danger to the methane that may be seeping from the ocean floor?

These two aforementioned occurrences are events that could greatly influence the speed of the growth of the Storm, but is there something else; something that we are not considering? Is there in fact an X Factor?

There is a Rider on the Storm that we don't see, and we should pray for clarity. A dark man lurks in the shadows and he will emerge as summer's breezes intensify into the autumn's gales that will surely bring strife to the unprepared and property damage to all of us. There is a dark man who will steal a great deal of the Mainstream Media's love and adoration away from the Arrogant Marionette, and the Television Talking Faces will move their mouths and spit Sideways Slant-Speak in praise of their new prince - if only for a short time. The Puppet Masters will scratch their chins and decide how best to manipulate the emergence of the Dark Man because he may in fact appear to be a man of light. They will congregate around an Oak table and ask each other "did you authorize this?"

The Dark Man who will appear as a man of light will play well on television. He will steal the show as an America hero and international trend-setter. He will come from virtually nowhere, but he will ride in on the Storm wind which is a bitter breeze to bear.

Brothers and sisters, do not let this autumn's handsome Dark Man beguile you as he will twist the words of our Lord. He is suave, sensational, and sinister. He is the hackneyed Wolf in sheep's clothing. He is a charming and alluring man of mystery who has what seems to be the right word for the season.


May we pray?

Gracious and merciful Lord - we pray for clarity and for the true light which is only Yours. Lord Jesus, there are riders on the growing Storm and they are beguilers, and a shadowy impostor of light seems set to captivate the hearts and minds of those who are not spiritually prepared - which is so very many in this second half of 2010.

He may not be the Son of Perdition, but yet another forerunner and conditioner. Or, he may be something more than just a set-up man or an opening act. He is lurking now and ready to step into the limelight with solutions to problems posed by the maelstrom. Please Lord, give us clarity as Storm Troopers and Watchers at the Wall. We pray for wisdom and discernment in these increasingly harrowing days. We pray that we can warn and that we can lead through the most inclement of conditions.

Jesus - we love the very sound of Your name and in that glorious name we pray, amen!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who understands?

‎"I am the only One who understands your situation, the circumstances that you have to face. I am with you all the time. I will not let you down. Believe Me, I understand your daily struggles, your pains, your sorrows, your needs, everything, nothing is hidden from Me. I love and care for each one of My beloved children"...

"The Symptoms Of Regret" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

No Facebook, no Myspace, no Twitter, no Drudge: these internet mainstays will be amongst the casualties when the Storm knocks out electric power to many sections of these United States. Our ability to communicate and commiserate with our cyber families and friends will be gone and for some this loss will be devastating.

Telecommunications of all stripes will be hampered if not eliminated during the worst of the maelstrom that is this day bearing down primarily on the U.S. but secondarily on the rest of the world. For this writer, the internet is the primary mode of conveyance for my ministry, and to lose this "congregation" would be painful and frustrating, but the Lord would lead me through to a new thing. No matter what happens during the Storm which brings only light precipitation today, the Lord will lead those of us with faith in Him and His glorious word.

No matter how trying conditions become during the coming weeks and remaining months of 2010, our gracious and merciful Lord will lead us. If we do lose this platform called the internet, it will only serve to strengthen our relationships with those we can see and touch in the physical realm. Ultimately, it is those who we can see, kiss, hold, walk with and shake the hands of that will be the very ones that will help us to persevere through the gales that blow down our material strongholds which will be proven to be not so strong after all.

Indeed, it is incumbent upon us to extinguish the fires on the bridges that we through our very human carelessness and pride have ignited. There is no luxury of time to allow these fires to crackle and spit without Living Water being poured upon them. The family and friends that we have left stranded in need of rescue may themselves be too proud to cry out for help - but rescue them we must. Burning bridges will collapse during the worst of the Storm and all those stranded will fall to their deaths.

We are this day inside of the Cone of Uncertainty. We cannot leave loose ends untied and relationships with those we are aligned with to chance. We cannot neglect those who need us; those who may be too proud to seek our help because they would rather remain on the flaming bridge that rocks in the intensifying wind than admit wrong-doing. The truth is; we are all wrong.

When the internet goes down and our statuses cannot be posted; it is the statuses we maintain with those who God gave to us in the Natural that will matter the most.

The symptoms of Regret are a gut-wrenching pains that shatter the outer casing of the soul. This is pain that none of us need be subjected to.

May we please pray?

Dear Lord - You are the restorer and the healer. Jesus, You give life and in that, You give us each other to love, support, hold, and care for. We truly are dead when we are alone as that is not how You created us to be. Our Cyber relationships are important, but those that are personal are mission-critical to Storm survival. Damaging winds and dark days of no electric power are coming. We will lose contact with those who exist in the Cyber, but what of those here in the Natural?

Jesus, we ask you to please lead the lost, lonely, and the unloved to a place of sanctuary where there are others that will hold them as You will hold and sustain them. When the bandwith is exceeded and the servers are down, so many will be without anyone to love them. When the Power Grid is disrupted and there is no electric light, who will hold the lonely when they are cold and frightened?

You, oh mighty Lord can bring people together in your name. Only You can bring smiles so bright that the blind will be made to see. Only through your hands can a broken heart truly be healed and hedged that it may not be broken again. Only you Lord, can bring miracles during the worst of the Storm and You will indeed! You, Jesus, will bring healing during the Storm that will salve the symptoms of regret.

Jesus, the name above all names. In your beautiful name that is the embodiment of love we pray, amen.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Burning Bridges" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

The flames must be doused - that is the fire that burns bridges that connect family and friends and carry them over troubled waters. Those waters are roiling and raging a bit more each day as this summer's Storm of Thundersnow and upheaval grows in dimension; even while many American's live life in a semi-catatonic state.

This is not a time to let petty disagreements and defaulted loans tear us apart. We must not leave our family's black sheep stranded on that burning bridge as the Storm grows and will manifest its many shades of violent nature during the last quarter of 2010. No, friends, this is not a time for pride, prejudice, and self-righteousness. Christ's love will ultimately prevail and that manifestation must begin in us this very day.

We must bury our hatchets in the old, dead Oak tree out back. You know what tree I am referring to; the one from which a tire swing used to hang and your father would push you higher and higher while you giggled gleefully. As you grew, you and your dad disagreed on petty things that seemed of the ultimate importance and you drifted away from him in your biological adulthood. He may be alone now and in poor health in his twilight years. The Storm is more intense yesterday than today and will be yet more intense tomorrow. Don't leave stranded on that burning bridge the dad who would never push you higher in that tire swing than you could safely go. Remember the love you shared when you were a child; the love that lays buried in animus that is like a pile of dirty laundry. Remember that love and please run out onto the burning bridge and rescue your dad as he won't make it on his own. He was your hero once and now it is time for you to be his.

God is love. It was love that brought about the ultimate sacrifice as His son was hung on a tree to redeem each and every one of us. It is now as tumultuous days are ahead that we must be human manifestations of that love. We must do this! We will not survive the Storm without that perfect love. What is coming will be devastating I can assure you as I have seen it. Your current family is a gift from God that must not be rejected in prideful spite; no matter what has happened within the confines of personal relationships. Be willing to be wrong if that is required to restore a relationship. The fire that is engulfing our bridges over troubled water must be extinguished...please!

As this writer has written on past occasions: we need each other now more than ever before. We need Jesus most of all, as He is the calmer of the Storm.

Gracious and merciful Lord - we as mortal humans with indignant flesh will often sever relationships because other mortal humans don't meet our self-created codes of conduct or meet our self-imposed standards. Very often, friends and families are the victims of this undignified treatment. Please Lord, grow us so that we can rise above the petty and insignificant. And, if more serious issues have developed, please give us the maturity, patience, and diplomacy work through these stressful situations so that bridges won't need to remain burning.

The worst of this multi-faceted and highly-dynamic Storm is coming quickly upon us, and we will need our friends and families more than ever; and in that we will add to our friendships and familial relationships. And most of all Lord Jesus, we will need You. Teach us how to love like You love, and please give us the strength and leadership to persevere.

You are the Alpha and Omega and the Beginning and the End. In Your glorious name we pray, amen.

My Beloved

‎"My plans for My beloved children are good and will come in fulfillment at the appointed time. I will not disappoint you. All things will work out for good for My beloved children. Trust Me"...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Infected" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

This writer has felt an increase in the velocity of the wind over the last 24 hours. Certainly, the approach of the worst of the Storm is being obfuscated in a well-coordinated effort starting with the Puppet Masters and Manipulators, down through the Arrogant Marionette and his boot-lickers in the House and Senate, and then out through Hollywood and the Television Talking Faces; those faces spewing Sideways Slant-Speak through Comedy Central and through the Mainstream Media. Satan is the master of manipulation; but the willing aforementioned make his job veritable child's play.

So many are willingly amongst the infected on this 20th of July, in the year of our Lord 2010. This infection is a parasitic worm called Damnation, and while there is a cure most who have contracted it have done so by choice and in that they reject the antidote. As the Storm is intensifying, the infected are manifesting the symptoms more outwardly; making it easier for us who have received the one-time vaccination to identify the afflicted.

This writer can smell the evil deterioration as the worm eats the soul of those infected. The smile of the infected is crooked and cocky: much like that worn by the Arrogant Marionette. The eyes evidence a look that is equal parts anger, fear, and hatred; and that hatred is aimed at us who have taken the vaccine. The worm called Damnation fears what we who have taken the vaccine will do - as we endeavor to do as the Lord would have us do. The worm writhes on the inside of the infected when we are in their presence, as it hates the One who has saved us and in that it endeavors to chew through its host's body and soul to come at us; but it can only attack and then fall in defeat.

Jesus is the vaccine that prevents infection and the antidote that can kill the worm called Damnation. But, most who have been infected have taken the vaccine into their mouths and then spit it out before swallowing it into their bellies and hearts. They have made the conscious decision to savor the feel of the worm inside of their souls; as the accountability to it in this Storm is at a level near zero. The only hope for the infected is Jesus, and yet most will choose to pass through the wide gate - leaving Him standing the narrow one. The worm eats until the host dies; and then the soul of the host belongs to the evil one who created the worm. In this gathering Storm, I am saddened by how many are willingly embracing infection while hearing God's word which is the cure, and rejecting it. They are grasping with greasy fingers this world as it falls. They are worshiping Dollar Bill, Hollywood, Sex, and clinging to the gold-plated tin of this fallen world as the Storm begins to blow down these false-faced cardboard strongholds.

But, this writer also has great hope as the Storm intensifies over the coming weeks and final months of 2010. During the tumult and turmoil, many will say with great conviction: "Jesus, I believe you and I need you...please save me!" In that, some will have never been terminally infected, while others will savor the taste of the vaccine that kills the indwelt worm and sets them free.

May we pray?

Lord Jesus, so many in this summer of 2010 are choosing the infection of the worm over you. They are worshiping statues, sex, money, Allah, Buddah, Wicca, and all manner of deadly idols. They are feeding the worm that grows inside of them, planted by the Father of Lies who is Satan himself. They are rejecting your cure and your lifesaving grace at a time in history when the level of peril is at Code Red.

Please Lord, dispatch your beautiful and powerful Holy Spirit to these who despise you so that they may love you before tragedy strikes. Please Jesus, use us to make the appeal as the hour is growing late. In your awesome, awe-inspiring, and glorious life-giving name we say- AMEN!

The Wayfarers

"Laundry Day" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

Now is not the time for trifling over small issues. This is a time for putting aside petty differences and for the quiet washing of dirty laundry. It is the evenings at the end of these days where we should be taking in God's handiwork through the artistry of His sunsets. While these are unusual days, we stand at the doorway to days that will be as none other.

It is in these days that the snapping of the chains that bind should be sought through the Holy Spirit, as we will need to be free to run, without the former things of long ago binding us from the Lord's freedom and into the evil one's tyranny. There is a countdown being ticked off this very second, and though we have an inkling that it is late in the day, we know not what minute or second the hands of the clock display; although we do frequently see 11 minutes after the hour.

It seems as though we are dirty garments being wrung through the wringer, and that is indeed true. The wringing can be painful at times, but is it not for our own sanctification, cleaning and purification? Does it not seem that in this Summer that isn't really summer that every day is Laundry Day? As we are hung out on the line to flap in the bitter winds of this coming Fall that will be the fall of the nation, we will dry out and be pressed as presentable for the duty we are called to as Storm Troopers.

We are being cleaned and purified, pressed and folded - being made presentable for duty. We are learning to stand against the whiles of the Devil, with the confidence that we are not standing alone; though oft times it feels that we have been left naked to face him. But, we are not left naked; we only forget to strap on the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. And as we prepare for battle in the difficult days ahead, we must remember to take up the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit, as we have worn the helmet of salvation since the very day that we chose Jesus as Lord.

We are Storm Troopers who have been given the proper uniforms and equipment for leadership, ministry, and battle. As the lies spill forth while the Thundersnow lightly falls, a nation and a world are being softened and deceived; being made vulnerable as this terrible Storm will turn the lights out and usher in darkeness. Are we carrying our flashlights in the Spiritual and in the Natural?

We must be prepared, so can we please pray?

Gracious and merciful Lord, we are Storm Troopers but we are mortal, flesh-baring humans after all. We are sinners saved by grace, who without You are simply dead in our tracks. Please Lord Jesus, help us this day which is laundry day, to clean our garments and be approved for the works that You have set out ahead of time for us to do. We must be properly uniformed and equipped. Help us Lord, to walk the walk before we talk the talk, and to walk with our heads up as to clearly see through the decreasing visibility. We are being lied to by those in positions of earthly power and their intent is to snow-blind us so we cannot see what we walk into but instead fall to our deaths. You have called us to lead but we cannot lead without You on the fore.

Please bring grace and humility to the ranks. Show those who need to know how to witness with love and to not use your word as an instrument to create blunt-force trauma. There are many who need to learn to communicate, and we pray Lord that you show them your loving kindness and how to witness with that loving kindness. Jesus, this is truly 'Go Time' and we pray that all who are in a position to lead through the Storm will be properly dressed and ready.

Thank You, Lord, for calling us to this task. In Your glorious name we pray, amen.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patience - March 18, 2010

‎"You must wait patiently on My coming and not fall asleep. Watch and pray all the time...You must learn to be content with your current situation and circumstances until I open another door for you. You must learn valuable lessons patiently". ..

"On Our Best Behavior" (c) 2010 Jim Yackel

We need each other now; and we will even more so during the worst of this. This writer has made mention of this fact before and I will again: we cannot face the Storm alone.

Indeed, we will need supplies such as non-perishable food items, bottled water, matches, batteries, AM/FM/Shortwave radio, blankets, and warm clothing - these items make up but a partial list. Having a firearm and extra ammunition on hand is good idea if you are able to handle that weapon. Yes, these things and more will be useful in surviving a total meltdown of modern amenities and a loss of law and order, but we will need even more...

We will need the Lord, and He wants us to have each other. Our Lord God will perform mighty miracles as this multi-faceted and highly dynamic Storm that is upon us today grows into a maelstrom. But, He will also work through each of us within each others lives. He will help us to help each other meet our needs, as we will truly be His hands and feet on this troubled earth.

Please attempt to repair burned bridges before the flames grow out of control. We must attempt to put animus aside and be the peacemakers that can restore severed relationships. The day is rapidly approaching when we will not have too many friends, and that day could end up being today.

We will need to extend our friendship to the friendless, and in that we may find new and enduring friendship. We never know when we might be talking to an angel so it is incumbent upon us to manifest Christ's love in all circumstances, no matter how dire and trying they will be. Now is not a time to be prideful, as pride truly does come before a fall.

Conditions are quiet this morning of July 20th, 2010, and many may ask "where is this Storm that you speak of?" The Storm is raging quietly this morning, wearing the facade of peace and tranquility. Credit cards are being swiped through retail terminals and commerce is being transacted. Alcohol will be slid across nightclub counter-tops and hook-ups will be connected. Lawyers are ruthlessly suing and padding their bank accounts. Politicians are lying as the Puppet Masters manipulate their strings. To the casual, unobservant eye, all appears right in America on this day...

...And it is these who walk about - looking at life through the casual and unobservant eye that will be the first casualties when Storm Level 1 raises to 2 and 3. It is these who truly need the friendship of those who walk with the guidance of the Lord.

Dear Lord - help us to manifest your love and compassion as conditions are steadily deteriorating. The facade is one of near tranquility this day and in that, those who sleep and live on auto-pilot will continue to be lulled into a false sense of security. Help us to reach them - not by bashing them over the head with your Word but instead by being manifestations of your glorious word. Relationships must be restored as we are going to need each other, and it is through you that this restoration takes place.

Please Jesus, help us now to be on our best behavior. We cannot be our best unless it is through You. You desire us to walk upright and true. You desire us to be your gentle warriors filled with courage and compassion. You desire us to lead and to warn. Help us today Lord. In Your glorious name we pray, amen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Snow Blind" (c) 2010 Jim Yackel

Driving into the elements can be disorienting and dangerous. Have you ever driven into a heavy, wind-whipped snowfall? Perhaps you have suddenly encountered fog that is as thick as the proverbial pea soup while on a road trip? There is nothing more disconcerting than being on the highway and not knowing if you are on the verge of leaving the road or hitting another driver or a pedestrian.

It is during these loses of equilibrium that we truly realize that we are not at all in control. When we find ourselves thrust into the belly of the Storm, we will truly be metaphorically and physically snow blind. It is then that God's Positioning System will be our only trusted guidance; accomplished through His Holy Spirit.

Television Talking Faces will spit scripted lies through plasma screens and while just enough will be true to keep us believing, the majority of what they say will be as a misguided missile. Taking as truth too much of what they say will send us careening off of the road and into a gully. It is much easier for the Manipulators to act as couriers; running deliveries on behalf of the Puppet Masters, when the traffic on America's asphalt and internet highways is light. The greater number of cars that drive off of the road in the snow and fog, the easier the movement of globalist 18 wheelers and likewise the greater the need for their tow trucks to be dispatched to the aid of the stricken drivers; increasing the dependency on the new and better "system."

It is only the above-mentioned GPS that will keep us on the correct road today and as we drive further down the road toward ten kingdoms. During the gathering Storm, the visibility will at times be near zero, and only the Holy Spirit will be able to guide us through the snow and the fog. And, when shaking creates deep crevices in the roadway, only the strength of the Holy Spirit will lift our vehicles over so as to keep us from plummeting down into oblivion. And, it is the sound of the trumpet that will ultimately lift us out of the Storm that is preceding an even more terrifying seven years of mayhem and destruction. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Dear Lord - You are our navigator. Only You can keep us on the narrow road when visibility is reduced to nearly nothing. Only You can give sight to the blind; and likewise keep us from being totally snow blind. As the Storm grows in its intensity and will truly bring mayhem in the coming weeks and months, we will need You to tell us when to stop, where to turn, and oftentimes to take the wheel on our behalf. Much deception and beguilement is afoot today and will only increase. Please bless us with the wisdom, discernment, and guidance to keep us roadworthy. And please, fill our hearts with Your love and compassion, that we may stop and help other travelers who have run off of the road.

Jesus - how we love and rely on You! In Your awesome name we pray, amen.

They will hate you more - March 14, 2010

‎"Your reward will be great if you endure to the end. Do not give up My child, I am with you all the way and will never leave you nor forsake you"...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Know Your Enemy" (c) 2010 by Jim Yackel

We have not seen the worst of this, although the attacks have become fierce. We must be sober and vigilant as our adversary Satan does walk about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. As he knows the Storm is intensifying, he is smelling the opportunity to take spoil.

Those who mock and scoff and have turned their backs on Jesus are of little concern to the evil one today, as they are already his, unless they turn, pick up their crosses, and run like the wind that is strengthening at this moment. It is those of us who walk with the Lord that the enemy desires to taunt and tamper with. We who are Storm Troopers are an aggravation to Satan, and in his fury he will dispatch his demonic hordes to interject strife, misery, suffering, and chaos into our lives. In that, we must remain prayerful. In the face of this ill wind, we must remain steadfast and strong.

The devil is like a roaring lion, but he withers at the sight of blood; that being the blood of the true lion who is the Lion of Judah. Still, in his arrogance he will exhibit moxie in all manner of ways to step around the blood and attack what he perceives to be our blind sides. Yes, Satan knows that the Storm is growing as his foul breath is a major propellant of the gale-force wind that is whipping up this very day. He is the Storm Driver, and it is he who would love to see those of us who are Storm Troopers resign from our posts in frustration. On July 18th, 2010, the devil is doing everything in his considerable power to thwart the efforts we put forward on behalf of our Holy, Triune, God.

He attacks our health, wealth, and happiness. He infiltrates our personal relationships and causes division and broken hearts. He penetrates our minds and inspires depression. He causes useful tools to break, requiring expensive repair which can't be done because he has previously attacked the aforementioned finances. He instigates the weaker brethren to turn on the stronger. He stirs up strife within families; those with weak faith tormenting the stronger.

Know your enemy as the Storm is gaining and your deepest, most committed faith in our God will be required. Our enemy Satan is the defeated foe - but in his arrogance he is as of this day too blind to see. But fear not, brothers and sisters, for the day that he finally comes to grips with the truth is coming...

Gracious and merciful Lord - we seek your face and your protection. Although he is defeated, the evil one is blinded by hubris and continues to rage on; attacking your children who are chosen out to be beacons of light in the darkest days of the gathering Storm. He is beguiling, intelligent, resourceful and powerful - but he is no match for You who created him but then had to cast him out. Satan is a misguided fool who believes that he can overtake Your throne. He has grown too puffed up and he will be deflated.

Please Lord, protect us from his meddling as we prepare for the most intense days of the Storm. Jesus, rebuke that vile thing in Your mighty name. I ask you personally Lord to restore to me the earthly gold that he has swiped - enough to meet my needs for survival and for battle. I ask you please to cover my flanks as his minions come from all sides. Please Lord, protect the young and innocent who do not understand this vile thing who runs amok in these days of July, 2010. Protect us Lord, who are Your Watchers at the Wall and Your Storm Troopers. We love You so much that it hurts.

Jesus - the name above all names. We thank You for your atoning sacrifice. We are indeed thankful that You have loved us and called us to yourself. We are Your children and in Your name we petition and pray, amen.