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Thursday, September 23, 2010


© 2010 by Jim Yackel
Lord, you are the Good Shepherd, the shepherd who gave His life for His sheep.
You are the one who came to save that which was lost.  Yes, Lord, it is You who said What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying?  And if he should find it, assuredly, I say to you, he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety-nine that did not go astray. – Matthew 18:11-13
You see, Lord, there is a little lamb that is very dear to me.  She is my little lamb.  I remember that day she was born and how difficult would be her arrival into this world.   But, You were there that day and she came healthy and safe into my life after her mother’s long and difficult labor.  Yes, both came through the birth relatively unscathed and it was partly due to the skills of the doctors and nurses but mostly because of the presence of Your Holy Spirit being on the scene.  I have thanked You Lord and I will continue to do so!
My little lamb used to love to read her children’s Bible with me.  Oh, how she used to enjoy reading and talking about you.  She enjoyed looking at your image in illustrations – whether in the aforementioned Bible, on the internet, or in stores.
I remember her first day of Sunday School and how excited she was to tell me about it on the way home.  Later that afternoon as we pulled into a parking spot at the grocery store I noticed her silently praying in her seat and it was indeed a beautiful sight.  By this time she had prayed a prayer and accepted You as Lord and Savior.  She would do this a total of three times – not because it was necessary to do it more than once but because her Sunday School classes were doing it together.
She is still young and remains my little lamb, but things have changed in both our joint and separate lives.   I no longer share a household with my little lamb, as her mother and I did not see eye to eye and it was decided by her mom that I would have to go.  She was beginning to lose interest in You before I departed, but that loss of interest has seems to have become a considerable loss indeed as she has grown up to be nearly 10 years of age as of this writing.   Due to many circumstances beyond my control, I am no longer as active in her life as I should be or would like to be.  She now has no one in her day to day life that shares a love and a passion for you, Lord.  I cannot get her to a true Christian Bible church as often as I would like – but she has been taken by others to one of the heretical churches that claim You in name only.
Yes, there are other adults who see much more of her and they do not encourage her in You.  I would go as far as to say that they actually discourage her in You and attempt to lead her into a false and self-centered religious doctrine.  These people may love her and care for her and in that I am thankful, but where You are concerned they have seemingly taken away her passion and desire for you.  These others do not believe that You are the way, the truth, and the life.
I try to talk about You with her now, and she seems very uncomfortable; as though she has been told not to talk with me about You.  I would rather it be discomfort created by other accountable adults in her life and not a general and growing disinterest.    Yes, any adults who attempt to dissuade this child from You will be held accountable – not by me but by You.
It pains me that I cannot see my little lamb and be with her as much as I would like, and I pray that this will change.  Things have been suboptimal for me over the last couple of years, but by Your grace and leading I will be lifted out of this hole.
Jesus, I love my little lamb and I know that you do too.  She is wandering away from the flock – partly due to her own devices but also because adult sheep thieves are stealing her away.  I don’t believe she hears or knows your voice anymore and that causes me great pain but as of this day I am powerless.  Please Lord, go get her and bring her back to the flock.  Please hold her tightly and let her know how much You love her.  Please don’t allow others in her life to lead her any further astray.
My little lamb was the greatest blessing you ever gave to me.  Please Good Shepherd, go get your stray little lamb.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So many of the brethren are under attack in September of 2010.  Indeed, so many are befallen with hard times and steep hills strewn with loose rocks that they must climb.  Yes, so many unstable footfalls and uncertain tomorrows.  Considerable loss and insignificant gain is the tone of the day as we struggle to keep ahead of the wolves that are trailing us in deliberate, demonic pursuit.
Financial struggles are pitched as we cling to our blessed hope.  Stealthily the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) has made its way onto the world scene as a method of payment based on commodities that can be used in lieu of the Dollar.  This payment method can be used in America – again in place of the Dollar – through the U.S. Postal Service website amongst other places.
The SDR was created in 1969 but not truly utilized; however there is now a push by China to make it the World Currency.   The IMF is looking to the SDR to become the new reserve currency to replace the Dollar, and it is a step toward the Bancor which could possibly become the world currency.
No matter how this apple gets sliced, the move toward a single-word currency is gaining ground today in September while so many unaware Americans are counting on pensions and retirement funds and waiting for Republican and Tea Party saviors to sweep in and save the day come November.  These financial moves involving a single-world currency or payment method are far bigger than Republicans, the Tea Party, pensions, retirement funds, union dues, and paid vacations for the “B” Shift.  In the process, the Dollar that has been the foundation of American Capitalism and the world’s financial standard will be killed and replaced.
A single-world financial system run from a single bank will be fully operational during a single-world system of governance – controlled and overseen by a single man – the “Man of Sin” or Anti-Christ.  We are moving this way quickly.
So, here this writer goes again, sounding his warning.  There was the Storm Watch, the Storm Warning, and now this.  “That crazy Jim” they say.  “That peculiar fellow just has too much spare time on his hands to be thinking about all this weird insert curse word for feces here.  He needs to get himself a real job!”
No, this job does not pay well at all, but this writer continues to do it at the best of his ability.  In that, I will warn you while you laugh at me:
Jesus Christ paid a considerable price for you on the cross.  You’ve heard it all before, but it obviously needs repeating.  Jesus is the only way to Heaven and an everlasting life in the presence of God.  You can call me a fundamentalist bigot or much worse, I don’t care as I’ve heard it before.
The America and the world as you know it are steadily coming apart under your feet.  You may not see it as you look at yourself in the mirror, but soon you will feel it as your footfalls become unsteady and you begin to wobble.  The “system” as you know it is being replaced.  The guys and gals on CNN won’t tell you about it, you have to instead read what those who you consider to be “wackos” write on the internet.
Your apple cart is being upset, and so is mine.  There is no politician that is going to gather up your spilled apples.  Without a true faith in Jesus Christ, the spilled apples will rot and become infested with worms.
Have you ever bitten into a rotten, wormy apple?
Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Breaking (c) 2010 Jim Yackel

We must all be broken in order for Him to rebuild us in His image.   We who follow Jesus can run from the Breaking for years if we choose, but eventually it will catch up with us.   If you are truly following Him, indeed you will be broken.

It may seem cruel but it is truly out of love.  You may lose just a little or end up losing everything.   If it is worldly things that we covet we should be prepared for the possibility that they may one day be gone.  If we choose to follow Him down the path to eternal life, we will likely leave much wreckage along the way; appearing like that stripped-down, rusted-out, smashed-up and junked 1953 Chevy that is overtaken with weeds.   Jesus said, as written in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 16 and verses 25 through 26: For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

I have seen the poor in worldly attributes filled with riches in Spirit.  They drive 15 year old cars with rusted panels and leaky mufflers.  They purchase their clothes from Rescue Mission and Salvation Army thrift stores.  They struggle to make the rent in modest apartments that are sometimes in unsafe neighborhoods.  They buy groceries from Aldi and the Dollar General.

Yes, I have seen so many like the above described who love the Lord and follow Him with obedience.  Some of them once lived a more prosperous life and then lost it.  Some of them once ran successful business and watched helplessly as those businesses crumbled.  Some of these have lost marriages and houses and live away from their children.  Some of these are on the verge of homelessness and don’t know where on this earth they will land  – and yet they cling to the Lord through this painful breaking.

It is these and those who have lost more and suffered worse that He will truly rebuild and conform to His image.

You may follow Christ and walk through this life with material wealth and abundance.  Everything may swing your way and the smile may never leave your face.  Your business may prosper and your children may receive scholarships to fine colleges.  You and your spouse may be coiffed, tanned, and dressed in fine clothes.   You may be highly-regarded in your church and your ministry.   Opportunity may stack upon opportunity.  You may indeed be blessed to name it and subsequently claim it.

I hope that you have already been broken, as the above described would be a lot to lose.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deceived Sheep ©2010 Jim Yackel

Christian Scientists believe that both Heaven and Hell are merely a "state of mind." The question "Do Christian Scientists believe in heaven and hell?" is answered this way on the website :

Not as places or as part of an afterlife, but certainly as a state of mind. Christian Science theology does not include a final judgment day. Every day each individual can make a new choice that determines the path he or she is on - a path away from God or towards Him.
Now, doesn't that feel good? Phew, what a relief!

The Church of Christ, Scientist, was founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy to "to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing." In truth, the Holy Spirit's power of healing by prayer and the laying of hands has not been lost - it has instead become under-utilized by a skeptical body that may be a bit lacking in faith. But, we must understand that our Holy, Triune God does not always heal our bodies and minds in ways that we think are best.

The Christian Science theology does not believe in a Triune God. This theology proffers that Jesus is "promised Messiah" but also claims that Jesus Himself said He was not the Father, and that God, the Father, alone should be worshiped. And yet, the Holy Bible - the very same Bible that Christian Science claims to adhere to, says in the Gospel of John, Chapter 10, verses 27 through 30 :

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand. I and My Father are one.
This writer underlined the last sentence above for emphasis. The words written in John 10:27-30 were spoken by Jesus Himself. It was Jesus who said that He and His Father were "one." Yes, Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah; and He came once and will come again. However, His role in the Triune Godhead should not be diminished in any human heart or by any religion. Jesus is Savior and He is Lord. And as part of the Triune (trinity, three-part) Godhead - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - He is as much God as the Father and Holy Spirit.

As the Storm is intensifying within the Supernatural and seeping through the cracks into our natural world, Americans in the final quarter of 2010 are increasingly drawing toward "Spirituality" as a means to cope with the deteriorating economy and fearful life circumstances that they are living within. As the Storm intensifies, Satan is using these false spirits to deceive and destroy. Whether it be Christ Scientist, Scientology (which is not Christ Scientist), Emergent church, Word of Faith, Kingdom Now, Mormonism, Wicca, Islam, or you pick the movement or religion - it is at the very least a move away from God's true word and at the worst a path to eternal death.

These are the End Times. The Rapture of Christ's church of true believers is imminent and the seven-year Great Tribulation will follow for those left behind. The One World System - which will be religious, monetary, geographic, and military - is being built today and will be run by the Son of Perdition as the Anti-Christ during the Great Tribulation. The book of Revelation is real, true prophecy and not a colorful book of allegory that reads like a Science Fiction mini-novel.

There have been for years and continues to be many spiritual and religious movements, and they seem to be gaining steam as 2010 winds down. The movement that we need to making is toward Jesus Christ - who is the Son of God, fully God, and payment for our sins as our atoning sacrifice. He cannot be minimized, reduced in value, or bypassed in lieu of another pathway. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the only pathway to a real and glorious Heavenly New Jerusalem and to sidestep Him will ultimately reveal to you that Hell is much more than just a state of mind. Christ is love and faith in Him in truth as Savior, Lord, and 1/3 of the Godhead will bring you to an eternal reality far more beautiful than the most positive mental state.

May we pray?

Dear Lord - we reach out to You today on behalf of the lost and the deceived. To so many, You are a commitment that is too difficult to keep and a loss of control that they are to insecure to relinquish. We ask you today Lord, as the hour of the Wedding Feast draws ever nearer, that your Holy Spirit would manifest itself through Your children in powerful and effulgent ways. Please let us be the light to the lost on this Earth, that they would see us as a window to You and desire to know You in truth and in power. Jesus, the name above all names! Even so, come quickly! In Your glorious name we pray - amen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musty Perspiration ©2010 Jim Yackel

Labor Day of 2010 has passed, marking the unofficial end to summer. As the economy continues to deteriorate amidst talk of yet another stimulus and the Middle Eastern pot of War Soup roils to a rolling boil, The Storm appears poised to blow harder from the Supernatural into the Natural. We can't say that we haven't been warned or told to prepare.

The humidity is thick; so much so that one would think that it could be cut with a knife. The humidity this writer describes is not natural weather phenomena, but is instead spiritual and is manifesting itself through the musty perspiration of so many sad, struggling, and angry people of this nation and this world. Not everyone is struggling; but more are today than a year ago and they are truly sweating it out. They are made nervous from what is unseen and fearful of the unknown. They are asking "help me" but are being told "I can't. I've got too many of my own problems to be concerned about yours."

A man's enemies may well be within his own household, as prophesied Biblically in the book of Micah. As the struggle grows, the ability to trust those we thought trustworthy diminishes. Those who have rejected Jesus Christ are becoming increasingly hostile toward those who walk with the Lord; in word and in deed. They are more hostile in September of 2010 than they were one year ago. The wolves are on the prowl and their hell-bent hunger is nearly insatiable. And yet, we who are blood-stained must continue to walk in love as we have been commanded.

May we pray?

Father God, gracious and merciful Lord, so many come before Your throne today with backpacks full of worry and woe. The struggle is intensifying as the Storm winds blow harder - knocking down financial and residential walls that were considered by many to be strongholds. Stress is making your children sick as they must also face increasing persecution from those who reject You; some of these claiming to walk with You. There are gale-force winds blowing on an increasing number of unsheltered and exposed. But, we cannot claim to have not had forewarning or to have received foreknowledge from Your Word. Lord Jesus, help those who are being made homeless and left hungry. Please bless those who need a financial break to make ends meet - even as the world economy morphs into a single-world system. Please use the hands of those who You have anointed to heal, and please protect us Lord, as the winds are intensifying in velocity and bitterness. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! In Your glorious name we pray - amen.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mocked, Scoffed, and Cheesed-Off ©2010 Jim Yackel

The Storm: It is upon us although it may not be manifesting itself significantly in the Natural on September 3rd, 2010. Certainly, Hurricane Earl is a brute to be reckoned with and we should pray for all in its path, but this meteorological event is but a small part of this Storm.

The line of demarcation between believers and the lost has grown more visible in its definition during the last week of August into the early days of September's tenure. Additionally, those who follow false doctrines such as Mormonism, the Emergent Church, Word Of Faith, and Kingdom Now are increasingly at odds with us who endeavor to follow God's word as it is truly written. Tension is increasing as we all just try to "get along" - but the Gospel truth cannot merely get along with deception. I am sure that I will get mocked and/or scoffed at by some who follow those false doctrines for writing what I have in this paragraph.

Yes, for abiding in the Gospel truth we will be mocked and scoffed, but we must not get cheesed-off. This is one manner in which the Storm is manifesting itself in the Natural; those who disagree with us are becoming increasingly vicious in their attacks - even if those attacks are just verbal or written. Friends are turning on friends and family members are turning on one another. Non-believing family members are turning on believers within the family in ridicule, while attempting to measure the weight of the believers' Christian "works" - which will always fall short in the scoffer's eyes and lead to condemnation of the believer. This activity is of Satan and while we are mocked and scoffed, again, we must not get cheesed-off. In our human flesh this level of serenity is nearly impossible to achieve, but through prayer we can rise above - no matter how much the mocking, scoffing, and condemnation may hurt.

Jesus told His disciples as written in the Gospel of John, Chapter 15, verses 18 and 19: "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you."

In these remaining months of 2010, as the bitter winds of this Supernatural Storm continue to blow through the un-insulated cracks in the invisible wall that separates the Supernatural from the Natural - know that the mocking and scoffing of those who walk with the Lord will visibly intensify.

Even brothers and sisters in Christ will be at odds with each other as this tumultuous year winds down and bows like a young Maple tree to the gale-force spiritual winds of the Storm. Some will quarrel over theology and say that the Tribulation is upon us while others will claim that there is no Hell and we must prepare to bring Heaven to Earth. Pre-Tribulation Rapture believers will be confronted by those who don't believe in the Harpazo, and heated battles that should not take place unfortunately will. These disagreements have taken place amongst us for many years, but look for them to intensify as they are today.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, an no one comes to the Father but through Him. Jesus is not a created being ordained by a covenant of false gods. Jesus is not the brother of Lucifer, as Lucifer was a created angel subsequently cast out. Likewise, Jesus' father is not made of flesh and bone but of Spirit. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - three in one - Triune; this my friends is the only GOD and in this we must agree as the Storm rages and the hour grows late.

Jesus is 1/3 of the Godhead and He is Savior and Lord. Look around you this day and know that He is coming for His bride soon.

May we pray?

Folks, I would ask you today to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. God bless you all.

Talking To An Angel

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Shake My Box! ©2010 Jim Yackel

While the words may not physically cross their lips, so many today are internally screaming "don't shake my box! Don't upset my apple cart! I'm nervous!"

So many are living in denial. This is a fear-inspiring world in September of 2010, and so many don't know what waits around the corner, so they delude themselves into believing that nothing is wrong. They have their jobs, their unions, and their pensions. They've got a retirement fund. They have seniority over the new guy behind them, so while "that poor sucker" may lose his job, they will still keep theirs. They are able to pay the mortgage and the car and boat loans. They've been able to save up enough to front their daughter tuition money for the local community college, but she'll have to pay it back "when she gets workin'".

None of the above mentioned is secure anymore - none of it - even if you've got a government job.

So many boxes are being shaken this day. So many apple carts are being upset. For so many Americans, this worldly middle-class life has been a god who sits on a balsa wood throne. Balsa burns quickly and is unable to hold much weight. This false god is tumbling and has been proven to be hyper-mortal, and sadly, so much faith has been errantly placed in him and not in the One, True, Living, Triune God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Sure, you can blame management - go right ahead. You can also blame those corporate fat cats who are sending the manufacturing jobs overseas, where the work can be done for much less - which helps to maintain if not increase profitability. Yeah, all those corporate fat cats care about is money, and not about the "little guy"! Well, the "little guy" cares an awful lot about money too. If he had the chance, the "little guy" would himself be the corporate fat cat! After all, we all desire to hold the seat of power, don't we? Don't we all want to be the equivalent of the next American Idol?

And this desire is what is causing the boxes to be shaken and the apple carts to be tipped over. It is this penchant for trampling one another to get what is "mine" that will lead to our own trampling. The trampling, self-righteous judging, and back-stabbing is taking place this day inside of the ivory towers as well as where the "little guy" works on the factory floor. Friends are no longer friends and families are no longer family, as we fight for resources that are increasingly limited in the Storm.

The trampling, self-righteous judging, and back-stabbing? - trust me when I say it is going to become much worse. As the Arrogant Marionette continues to push to divide Israel, life in America will become increasingly difficult. And in and through this, boxes are being shaken and they will be dumped out. Apple carts will be flipped-over and the rotten fruit that was stacked upon them will be crushed. The world as we know it is changing and that change is to a great deal still in its infant stages.

We are nothing without Jesus, and in that He commands that we love one another.

May we pray?

Gracious Father - So many have drawn away from you and into their own worlds where they are royalty within their castles. It seems that more and more, boxes are being shaken as you endeavor to get the attention of those who believe that they don't need the saving grace that Your son has offered through His death and resurrection. And those of us who do believe, are you not shaking our boxes as well? Are you not endeavoring to refocus our sights on You in these difficult, stormy days? You give and take away, and when You take away we are left with You. It is then that we are reminded that You are God and You will guide us through the Storm. Sometimes, our boxes need to be shaken and our apple carts need to be upset. Thank You, Father and Praise You, Jesus! Jesus, the name above all names and in Your name we

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crazy Talk ©2010 Jim Yackel

We have to face this Storm down - you, me, all of us. We are here at this time and place in history by the will of God.

For so many, the attacks from the evil one are becoming increasingly vicious in these latter days of the summer of 2010, which has been for all intents and purposes the summer that wasn't. For many of us, this has been a period of walking through refining fire. This writer has seen the evil one use his own family against him, as they mock, judge, condemn, and measure the weight of my works. I know that others of you are experiencing this type of attack as well. In so many instances, we are finding in this time that friends and family cannot be trusted and that realization is searing in its burn. Certainly, we are learning that there is no one that we can truly trust but the Lord.

So many are depressed and distressed. Finances have deteriorated as jobs are being lost at an epidemic rate, while unemployment figures are grossly under-calculated in an effort to make the work of the Arrogant Marionette's financial team appear to be successful. The Television Talking Faces are yakking in lock-step, falsely reporting on how jobs are being added and that the economy is on the upswing during this "Summer of Recovery" that is in fact a season of distress and deception.

This is the gathering Storm and we have to face it down. The U.S. economy is being vandalized through this Presidential administration by the foreign and domestic Puppet Masters that control it. In order for the One World Financial System to exist, Dollar Bill has to be killed and that is the plan of the proponents and the Puppet Masters of the New World Order. Some of you may consider this to be nothing but "Crazy Talk" and "depressing" and "harshing your mellow" - but in truth, you'd be crazy not to believe it.

Yes, we have to face down this Storm, and we cannot do it without Jesus. I was led to begin writing the "Storm Watch" and "Storm Warning" columns in mid-June of 2010. There was no premeditation involved in this task. In that, I have to admit that this Storm has thus far been different than how I originally interpreted it through the Holy Spirit. On one hand it has been quieter and more hidden within the Supernatural. On the other hand, this Storm has been more damaging than I expected. I personally have suffered depression, oppression, opposition, and financial hardship in greater extremes than anticipated. As it stands today, September 1st, I do not know where I will be living on October 1st. My prayer is that between now and then the trumpet will sound and that we will be rescued from this intensifying maelstrom that is the Storm.

May we pray?

Dear Lord - Many are struggling today. Their finances have been ravaged and their faith has been shaken. There is depression, hopelessness, uncertainty, and fear being experienced by growing numbers of your children during this late summer of 2010. Additionally, many are being mislead by Mormonism and other false gospels that are perversions of Your Word. Certainly, you are shaking Your church and that shaking is bringing spiritual growth and a refocusing on You and Your truth.

Please Father, bring strength and comfort to the fearful and the ailing. Please meet the needy at the point of their greatest need. Protect those who are under attack and keep their faith in You from being damaged or destroyed. This Storm is menacing in its supernatural stealth, but it is subjecting so many to its damaging wind and Thundersnow. So many of Your children are sick, hungry, and frightened. Please Father, call out Your Storm Troopers to minister and lead as this dark cloud creeps from the Supernatural into the Natural. This is no crazy talk! Break the chains that bind and batten down the hatches. Let hands be laid and healing be done in Your name, Jesus! In your glorious name we pray, amen.