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Thursday, September 27, 2012

09/27/2012 Prophecy Headlines

UK floods: Thousands face more flood misery

Thousands of people across the UK face another day of flooding misery, but BBC forecasters say the worst rain is over. There are about 40 flood warnings - indicating flooding is expected - and some 60 flood alerts, meaning flooding is possible, in England and Wales. It follows the most intense September storm in 30 years.

Strong earthquake jolts Alaska's Aleutian Islands

Seismologists say a strong earthquake has jolted Alaska's sparsely populated western Aleutian islands. There are no immediate reports of injury or damage from Wednesday's earthquake. Its magnitude was initially reported as 6.9 but officials later revised that to 6.4.

Syria unrest: Four guards killed in Damascus suicide attack

Four military guards were killed after suicide attackers drove vehicle bombs into the military HQ in the heart of Damascus, Syrian officials say.

State TV contradicted earlier official accounts that no-one had died. It quoted army sources saying that 14 others were hurt in the attacks.

The rebel Free Syrian Army and an Islamist group called Ansar al-Islam both said they carried out the attack.

State TV broadcast footage of a minibus slowing before exploding at the HQ.